Wine 1.1.42

April 3rd, 2010 by Marv

The latest development release of Wine has been announced. Sadly there is no OS/2 Warp port of Wine but here is the change log regardless that contains the following items:

  • Support for shared 32/64-bit setups.
  • Dwarf debug info support for better backtraces.
  • More standard actions supported in MSI.
  • Support for TIFF image format in WinCodecs.
  • A number of Direct3D improvements.
  • Shell fixes for better Internet Explorer support.
  • Various bug fixe

Download: [ Wine 1.1.42 ]

2 Responses to “Wine 1.1.42”

  1. jsw Says:

    Doesn’t Project ODIN use a fair bit of Wine code? It should be easy enough to integrate these changes into a program that actually matters.

  2. buggerall Says:

    “Support for shared 32/64-bit setups.”
    anyone has an idea what this means?
    can i compile wine as a 64 bit binary now and run 32 bit windows apps with it?

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