Digital: A Love Story

March 15th, 2010 by Crusader

Digital: A Love Story is a retro interactive tale experienced through a pseudo-simulation of a 1980’s computer system.

Digital screenshot

TIGSource has more to say:

Parallels can be drawn to Introversion’s Uplink but Digital is very much its own experience. While Uplink was driven by the game elements of upgrading your deck and breaking into systems in a cool cyberpunk-esque world, Digital keeps its focus on characters and storytelling and draws instead from the unglamorous nerdy reality of the pre-internet digital world. The tools at your disposals are primitive, but are interactive enough that it doesn’t just feel like passive story.

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3 Responses to “Digital: A Love Story”

  1. Crusader Says:

    I still haven’t tried this, but it’s garnered high praise at RPS:

  2. WHiTeRaBBiT Says:

    I’m not usually into this kind of game but played surprisingly far into it. Definitely gave me a bit of a nostalgic feeling :)

  3. shadowpuppete Says:

    A little confusing, but when you figure out the puzzles the ending feels amazing~

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