Rubik’s Timer

March 15th, 2010 by Crusader

A reader let us know about Rubik’s Timer (Russian), which is for time tracking speed solving a Rubik’s cube and other puzzles.


  • Several disciplines – from 2х2х2 to 7h7h7, Pyraminx, Megaminx, Square-1, etc.
  • Stores the date, time, and scramble for each notch.
  • Displays the current time in large display.
  • The countdown for 15 seconds and automatic start timer, or “early” start by the user (work on releasing the space).
  • Displays the best and the worst time.
  • Displays the average times.
  • Ability to delete the last notch, setting a flag +2 or DNF for the last notch.
  • Ability to add comments for each notch.

Download: [ ]

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