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March 15th, 2010 by Crusader

Brad Carney, former lead developer of the popular DOOM source port Skulltag, has (finally!) released source code from the project, in this case version 97c2 of the game (thanks Doomworld!):

After years of standing in the way of this, I have finally decided to allow for the release of the Skulltag source code. After all, let’s be honest: No longer running Skulltag has given me a different perspective on this issue.

The release of the source code is something that Torr has wanted to do for awhile now. For security reasons, we’re releasing the source to the older 97c2 first. I have given him permission to release any subsequent versions that he desires. After all, who am I now to stand in his way?

While the current release of Skulltag is Linux-compatible, the source as released is not, at least for now.

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3 Responses to “Skulltag Source”

  1. bigmofo Says:

    What took you so long asshole? So you got bored of your little pet project and decided to finaly release what was due out of guilt? And don’t pull out that security argument, it is bogus.

    There is plenty of LEGIT doom port to chose from. Your is too late in the game.

    Sincerely, Fuck you.

  2. gordallott Says:

    ^^^^ not all of us are like that :) – freeing the codebase of proprietary software is always something to be celebrated, especially when its built on already open codebases

  3. mattn Says:

    it’s a pity that they don’t release it as GPL

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