Closing of LinuxGames

April 1st, 2010 by Marv

There comes a time when everything must come to an end and today, with a heavy heart, I am announcing the closing of LinuxGames. Going on our 11th year, we have grown weary of the constant egging of our houses for being Linux users.

Everyone has gone their separate ways in this world with Crusader having fallen the farthest traveling the world looking for rare stamps with his Windows Mobile phone at his side while living on a diet of sour milk and cheese.

Alkini is now mass producing his little army of hemp soldiers with his sixth kid on its way. I really feel sorry for his wife, who has the ten kids and the twelve cats to watch. Each cat enjoys crawling up your legs when you are wearing shorts.

Personally, I have given up all hope on Linux and Linux gaming and use OS/2 Warp — a much more stable operating system than Linux. It has been a pleasure but it is time to close up shop.

9 Responses to “Closing of LinuxGames”

  1. cthulurlyeh Says:

    Good, this site sucks, not content ever…..jk, april fools it rocks. OS/2 lol.

  2. Marv Says:

    OS/2 rocks man, never make fun of a pure OS that could run Windows 3.1 apps

  3. totalizator Says:

    Nice try :).

  4. jsw Says:

    So are you going to make a site dedicated to OS/2 gaming? If so, awesome news. OS/2 was always a much better operating system than Linux, anyway. Right-click dragging fo’ life!

  5. eNTi Says:

    uh common… how stupid do you think we are? :)

  6. gatomiador Says:

    I am offering you US$45439474,20 to do not close this site.

  7. dorpsgek Says:

    I thought it is eComstation these days.

    A good choice, nice OS

  8. locoxella Says:

    I hate you guts! I really felt for all you said. Aprils fools its inocent’s day in my country, and its in December!!!

    Cheers from Argentina

  9. Marv Says:

    I would not want to use something so modern like eComstation. I am all about the old school OS/2 Warp factor.

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