VVVVV not coming to Linux

January 28th, 2010 by Marv

A bit of bad news on the Linux gaming front as the attempts to get VVVVVVV ported to Linux have failed. According to this blog post is having issues with both graphic and keyboard input with the game even though he made a flash projector for the Linux version. A bit odd as you would consider Flash to be one of more usable cross-platform solutions being a web technology.

5 Responses to “VVVVV not coming to Linux”

  1. sinister13 Says:

    Some unknown bizarre dude failed to port his primitive game to GNU/Linux and, instead of giving the source to people who can do this, he gave up and he’s sorry now. But who cares?

  2. scott Says:

    fun game.

  3. SlickMcRunfast Says:

    I don’t get how Machinarium did it and they can’t.

  4. torturedutopian Says:

    To comment 1:

    – VVVVV is really a cool game, you shouldn’t judge it by its look. As to whether he should open source it, well, it wouldn’t help a lot considering flash is at fault here.

    To comment 3:

    – Machinarium works. But not flawlessly : on my setup (rather high end machine, nvidia drivers) fullscreen mode in unusable.

  5. sinister13 Says:

    2torturedutopian: Here’s the lesson: if you are developing a proprietary program using a proprietary technology — be prepared for the loneliness and despair. That’s the nature of a proprietary software.

    P.S. I like it’s look BTW.

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