Pseudoform needs Developers.

January 11th, 2010 by Marv

Pseudoform needs you. This community-driven collaboration project which is working to create an involving and brain-melting first-person puzzle-solving game is looking for C++ developers to keep the project going. Check out their forum for more information.

4 Responses to “Pseudoform needs Developers.”

  1. anthrax Says:

    Too bad pseudoform is not really free software, as it uses proprietary Newton physics engine. This drives many potential contributors away, as well as makes the game not useable on many platforms beside those Newton is available for (and latest versions of Newton SDK are only available for Windows). Open project using proprietary depends is the most unfortunate thing imaginable :(

  2. anthrax Says:

    …however, acording to freegamer, they plan to drop this proprietary sh*t. This would be good.

  3. svenstaro Says:

    That is right, or at least I do plan to drop the proprietary stuff. Null doesn’t agree with me a lot there. So yeah, help is definitely appreciated. Check out my repo on github. Feel free to substitute any proprietary lib we use with a free one and send me a pull request. Easiest to remove is fmodex for OpenAL.

  4. sinister13 Says:

    This game looks promising, however proprietary dependencies scares me away :-/

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