December 29th, 2009 by Crusader

Cronk, a title previously made available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, has been released for Linux by Mobile 1Up.

Cronk is a cave man who is trying to save his tribal villages from destruction.

In order to help him you must throw boulders to the oncoming train of rocks, matching three or more of the same color before they crush Cronk’s village.

Along the way you will encounter special boulder types that will aid in your quest. Identify and learn patterns during the game play to work to your advantage!

Enjoy classic or timed modes with three levels of difficulty!

Cronk can be purchased online for $9.99 USD.

4 Responses to “Cronk”

  1. mobile1up Says:

    we have just published a demo/trial version of cronk.

    this is our first game for linux, we welcome any feedback (good and bad) – long live the indie dev.

    // Aaron Ardiri
    Mobile 1UP

  2. jsheedy Says:

    I will try on Ubuntu tomorrow, I was not having much luck on my outdated Gentoo system. Is the apple version really .99?

  3. mobile1up Says:

    >> I was not having much luck on my outdated Gentoo system

    that was one reason why i wanted to have a trial/demo – better to make sure that works first :)

    >> is the apple version really .99?

    apple has a crazy payment system – they charge users’ credit card once per day instead of for every transaction; meaning they can do micro-payments. it has some benefits; but some serious disadvantages as well – but there is a good distribution system in place, meaning you get higher volumes. .99 is typically a sale price; it will be reverting back to 4.99 or similar when an update is posted. its an old game now on the iphone – and the market is very saturated. iphone games will always be cheaper – some crazy market precedent.

    here is hoping there are new opportunities in linux :)

    // Aaron Ardiri
    Mobile 1UP

  4. mobile1up Says:

    … and i just added x86_64 binaries :)

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