Resistance Force Alpha Build #13

January 19th, 2010 by Marv

Resistance Force has released a new alpha build of their close combat multiplayer team action FPS with focus on realism. Changes and fixes in this release includes:

  • Fixed crashing on some video cards
  • Disabled initialization of display/sound in dedicated server
  • Fixed crashing of server when bad packet arrives
  • Shortened prepare time from 12 to 8 seconds
  • Added better logging of player connects/renames/disconnects
  • Fixed footstep sounds for other players
  • Added notification of team change
  • Added support for colors in message list
  • Added team chat
  • Added ability to move just by tiny amount when short tapping the movement keys
  • Added invert mouse option
  • Added vsync and FPS limiter options
  • Fixed occasional death when falling from top of stairs
  • Added unlimited number of magazines to engine test
  • Added explosive grenades
  • Bomb explosion now causes death
  • Added notice when no people are playing
  • Added ability to start running from crouching, also fixed crouch toggle

Download: [ Resistance Force Alpha Build #13 ]

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