Holiday Heroes of Newerth Open Beta!!1!

December 22nd, 2009 by Crusader

Ok, you can stop e-mailing me about this now ;)

S2 Games has announced that Heroes of Newerth, their Defense of the Ancients-inspired real-time strategy game, is now in open beta for the holidays (read: from now until December 25th).

So go register and start testing! Moreover, you can now buy a gift account ( $30 US) for anyone you know jonesing for the retail version of HoN.

2 Responses to “Holiday Heroes of Newerth Open Beta!!1!”

  1. eNTi Says:

    i’ve been playing for a few months in closed beta now and i can say, it’s better than dota. the community is about the same… it sucks, but well… what can i say. i pre-ordered a while ago and the linux client is VERY solid. can’t play on windows 7 due to nvidia driver issues, but works pretty well on linux. even feels faster.

    still, if you can’t handle the rough edges of the community, you might rather look elsewhere, because you won’t be treated lightly, even as a noob.

  2. nibu Says:

    The community of “Heroes of Newerth” sucks … its true. But this game is maybe one of the best native games for linux.

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