TransGaming Abandoning Cedega?

December 22nd, 2009 by Crusader

Nemoder pointed out this blog post at Thoughts on Technology which examines TransGaming’s recent lack of work on Cedega, the Wine-derived solution for playing Windows games on Linux.

While nothing official has been posted by the company itself, I feel it is pretty obvious Transgaming is letting Cedega die a slow death. November 13th 2009 marked the one year date since we last saw an update in Cedega’s news page – The Den. While we did see a small update to the software in August – this did not add any new functionality to Cedega, it simply resolved an issue a World of Warcraft update had introduced.

What are you using to play games without native ports? Wine? CrossOver? A virtual machine? Dual-booting?

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  1. chunky Says:

    What are you using to play games without native ports?

    Mainly I play them on the console they run on :-/

    Gary (-;

  2. torturedutopian Says:

    Dropped Cedega long ago… It was clear they didn’t really care for the platform. PR were getting increasingly scarce, evasive and suspicious. If they chose not to be honest and say things clearly, I guess it’s because the situation is much worse than expected :-(

    Well, I always hoped they could prove me wrong. It’s sad because in many cases, Cedega is definitely faster than wine. (twice as smooth, in my case, in Oblivion, still today, for instance. Braid was smooth with cedega and not with wine…)

    Anyway, nowadays, it’s not an issue, to me, anymore : there are enough (to my taste) good native titles, thanks to independant developers (+ OSS games of course).

  3. pit Says:

    What are you using to play games without native ports

    I don’t play them(*). That’s why I don’t care about games that don’t exist for Linux, and why I also don’t care if a port is done later – for me it’s a new game once it’s there for Linux. Then again, I hardly play online-games where this could be an issue…

    (*)Hmm, looking at this I realize it’s not 100% true – every now and then I fire up dosbox for, e.g., old Apogee games ;^>

  4. Trizt Says:

    1. Native
    2. Cedega

    Do own CrossOffice Game edition too, which may replace Cedega if they let it die.

  5. henu Says:

    I use Wine to run WoW and Spotify. Both of them have small problems, but I’m fine with them. After all, I’m such a Linux fanatic that I would never install native windows :)

  6. cyberbillp Says:

    Even though I paid for it, I never got a single game to run correctly under Cedega. Even their “supported” games didn’t work. I eventually gave up.

  7. mwoodj Says:

    I would think this site better than to put speculative nonsense such as this in its news section. This is just a cedega user making guesses as to what the future of a companies product is. He has no proof of what he says and he has no contact with Transgaming employees to have any knowledge of internal deliberations. As a cedega beta tester I can tell you that cedega is in active development and Trasngaming has no intention of ceasing development or support for cedega. Of course a company has to put effort into shoring up development on their profitable products. That is required in order to be able to develop the products they enjoy being involved in like cedega. You do realize that Transgaming is a public company right? As such they have a duty to their shareholders to be as profitable as possible. I have been involved in the #cedega IRC channel for a long time and I can tell you that if the number of subscribers matched the number of people willing to download pirated copies of cedega the situation would be vastly improved.

    I know the developers that work on cedega as well as the people who run and make decisions at Transgaming due to my years as a subscriber, as an active community member, and avid beta tester. I can tell you that these guys are passionate about cedega and they want nothing more than to see cedega succeed. They do work hard to make games available on the Mac but what most of these guys really love is Linux and the community of gamers that choose Linux as their primary platform. In combination with Wine, CXGames, cedega, and native game development gaming on Linux has vastly improved since I started playing games on it a decade ago. Sometimes I feel frustration like anyone else in this community does but I am damn glad that the situation is what it is today as opposed to then. I appreciate all the entities that have made Linux viable to the hardcore and casual gamer alike. Cedega will be updated and new games will be supported. I understand if people aren’t willing to remain subscribed while they wait to see that work come to fruition. That doesn’t make this speculative blog post by a disgruntled user news. The only news in this is that Jeff posted a blog about cedega. Big deal.

  8. gaibon Says:

    Cedega was good running those odd titles that Wine or CrossOver had trouble with. Lately CrossOver has made progress with the games I want to run, and it’s very easy to reach their customer support team. I grew tired of the lack of updates from the Cedega team and the elitist few posting on the Cedega forums.

  9. ThoreauHD Says:

    I bought codeweaver’s linux gaming edition thing. I used to pay for cedega, before they were called cedega. I found that they didn’t support the games that were supposedly supported. Not trivial stuff, but major stuff such as it doesn’t install.

    As far as their development, I view them in the same vein as duke nukem fans. I think it’s cute, but winehq provides more support and updates that fix critical issues.

    So, for codeweaver’s stuff, if it’s listed as supported I’ve found that it works. If it ain’t, it usually works but you can get in touch with an actual guy about the issue. Most of them think the world owes them, and that pirates are equivalent to serial killers and child rapists, but on the other hand they care about their little speck of the world. So that’s something at least. I wouldn’t buy them a beer if I met them, but I’m paying for results not happy thoughts.

    So, if all the condescending myopic yokels above fall through I just go with the open sourced svn and work around it myself. If it chokes, the winetricks script and a plethora of switches comes in handy.

    Back on topic to Cedega. I stopped caring 5 years ago. They charged a monthly subscription to pinch a “what shoulda worked last year works now” loaf every 6-12 months. No opinion on them other than total fail really. If you get better results than the straight open source version, then rock on. Everyone’s got a choice.

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