Big Machine Games

December 17th, 2009 by Crusader

Koonsolo Games has announced that their new lineup of games will put you in control of bulldozers, dump trucks, excavators and other heavy equipment: Big Machine Games.

Toy cranes, dump trucks and other machines are very popular among young boys. Even adults have fond memories of them. But strangely enough there aren’t many video games that feature them. The few that do, are realistic simulations lacking any form of gameplay. Koonsolo Games is therefore going to put some fun and refreshing gameplay elements into their Big Machine Games. It will be the perfect excuse to relive the fun you had as a kid, but this time packaged in a challenging game.

The first game that is scheduled for this series will be called ‘Big Bulldozer Game‘. And just as Koonsolo’s previous game, it will be completely developed in Linux using Open Source tools.

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