December 9th, 2009 by Crusader

Brukkon is a 3D puzzle game for Linux, where you have to bring a little robot to its spare parts. The final game will feature 30+ levels and internet high score. The developers let us know that there is an early access sale with 15 levels, with update access, available for $10 US. The final version, which will be available on December 14th 2009, will cost $14.

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  1. SlickMcRunfast Says:

    I can’t seem to find a video of this game.

  2. xargs Says:

    There’s no demo, either.

  3. 93interactive Says:


    i did not plan to make one, as it is hard to show game play of a puzzle game, without showing how to solve the puzzles… but as you asked ;)


    will be available on release of the final version

  4. vadi Says:

    Bought! The good graphics will make it worth it for me.

  5. unode Says:

    A modern clone of Stone Age.

    You can find the original (abandonware) with same gameplay at:

  6. unode Says:

    correction, similar gameplay

  7. aggi Says:

    i like it


    are you leaving comment, that its a modern clone of doom on every 3d shooter thats out there? emulating amiga without having a legal copy of the roms is illegal. legal roms are sold by cloanto for about $50 iirc, getting this game is cheaper ;)

  8. unode Says:


    I included the link as a reference to those that like the gamestyle and don’t know the original. It was meant as a compliment to the authors of Brukkon for their success.
    I played Stone Age a long time ago, and was one of the most challenging games. 100 levels of brain smoke.

    About your comment on the illegal status, the link I included points to the PC version, not to any rom.
    In addition, reaching the status of abandonware means that you are free to download and play the game without breaking any laws.

    Have a look in that website, you will find a lot of old games that are now free to download and play while others are still being sold or are protected.

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