ATI Catalyst Display Driver 9.11

November 23rd, 2009 by Crusader

AMD released their monthly Linux ATI Catalyst display driver package for their graphics cards; the requisite release notes delineate the changes in this build:

  • RHEL 5.4 support
  • openSUSE 11.2 early look support
  • [Ubuntu 9.04] Animated busy mouse cursor no longer disappears or flickers in Clone mode
  • Corruption no longer occurs after hot plugging a display and doing a Virtual Terminal switch
  • With CrossFire enabled, system no longer becomes unresponsive when switching to DC (battery) mode with full-screen applications running
  • [SUSE 11.1] Unplugging the secondary display and terminating the X server (Ctrl +Alt + Backspace) does not cause the primary display to become blank and display corruption
  • Playing full screen Flash video on a secondary display no longer causes screen corruption
  • Screen corruption no longer occurs when Open GL screen saver is enabled with Desktop effects

There’s also an unofficial Wiki and bugzilla if you run into issues.

Download: [ ]

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