November 19th, 2009 by Crusader

Version of the DOOM source port PrBoom+ was released last week:

  • Added an “sdl_video_window_pos” config variable.
  • Access violation emulation for the “S1 Floor Raise Donut (changes texture) (9)” action in demo compatibility mode. “-donut floorheight floorpic” – takes custom values, overriding the program’s default values (“-donut 0xF1000000 7″, for DOSBox behavior). Disabled by default.
  • Updated to newest SDL libraries: SDL.dll v1.2.14, SDL_net.dll v1.2.9.
  • The “Sky Mode” GUI setting and “gl_drawskys” config variable have been removed. Now “SkyBox” is used if mouse look is enabled, “Standard Sky” otherwise. There is no more sky stretching with “SkyBox” mode.
  • Fixed stat screen animation for The Ultimate Doom and the Doom II cast BOSSBACK after MAP30 when using ‘not adjusted’ rendering.
  • Fixed detail walls when “GL_ARB_multitexture” extension is not supported or gl_compatibility is used.
  • Fixed bug where music doesn’t change after IDMUS is used and a New Game is started.
  • Fixed bug where using the “End Level” key while a demo is paused breaks the “End Level” feature.
  • Fixed vertical scrolling of sky texture in SkyBox mode.
  • Now the mirror flag for MBF skies is used in SkyBox mode.

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