Vendetta Online 5th Anniversary

November 18th, 2009 by Crusader

Vendetta Online box

Guild Software, the developers of Vendetta Online, has released a HD trailer to celebrate the Linux-native massive multiplayer space combat game’s five years of operation. Moreover, they are running a free trial promotion with and Guild Software are pleased to present this very special trial offer for Vendetta Online – the sci-fi space MMORPG! These trial keys will give you 21 days of unlimited access to the game world! Get your key while supplies last!

These keys give 21 days of free play, along with access to a special edition, limited-access ship (Vulture Anniversary Edition). The ship is made available to any characters created on the account where the key is applied, from now on. Be advised, the lower-level anniversary ship is only available in Capitol stations, so the player must progress out of the initial “training” sector before they will find it. There is also a high-level version of the ship in Corvus space.

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