Heroes of Newerth Keys

November 7th, 2009 by Crusader

I have three invites to the Heroes of Newerth beta available still; first-come first-serve to the initial three commenters below. I haven’t played myself in a while, mainly due to a cross-country move, but also partially because I still haven’t gotten the hang of the game (I never played DoTA). To those in it, how are you liking the beta?

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  1. car-los Says:

    I guess I might give it a try :) Just finished Battle for Wesnoth and have no game to try. :)

  2. baltolkien Says:

    I like to prove it

  3. Nemoder Says:

    The quality of game and the port and all the frequent updates are top notch.
    The community (mostly DotA players) is terrible and has made the game unplayable for me.

    S2 has said they will release a full SDK for the engine to allow any conceivable mods so hopefully some cool ones will come out that don’t depend on the DotA community to be enjoyable.

  4. vadi Says:

    See for a better community.

    Though, eventually your skin grows thick enough and you get by just fine in pubs too. They have an ignore/mute option too.

  5. nodemaster Says:

    If there is still an invitation available I’d be glad to get one.

  6. kuraisu Says:

    I would like to get one, if they are still available. Thank you. =)

  7. woeihaur Says:

    hello … can send me 1 key pls? hope can test and give comment on this games … thanks alot

  8. baltolkien Says:

    The game is cool.
    Quick and addictive.

  9. mimi Says:

    can i also have a beta key for heroes of newerth?…

    i still can’t play this game and i really really want it so badly…

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