November 7th, 2009 by Crusader


I feel silly, because I remember seeing Machinarium before this week and thinking it looked neat, but somehow assumed it didn’t have a Linux port. Well, I was clearly mistaken, as this IGF award winner for Excellence in Visual Art is available natively. Machinarium is a point-and-click adventure game (I can’t even remember the last one I played, but it, as it was for probably many of you, was my first PC game genre) starring an adorable robot on a quest.

You can play the (Flash-based) demo in your web browser; if you decide to purchase it, it’s available for $20 US (plus soundtrack).

The official blog has also posted a review roundup.

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  1. Nemoder Says:

    I bought this because I really loved their Samorost games. While they did take the time to package a Linux version it IS still just a compiled flash binary so make sure your system doesn’t have rendering issues with flash first. That aside the only bad thing I can say about it is that like most adventure games it never seems to last long enough. Still a lot of fun for $20 and the sound track is really nice too.

  2. mmerner Says:

    I just bought the game, after playing the online demo. The downloaded game mouse control is really laggy at times. 64bit ubuntu, 32bit flash.

  3. mmerner Says:

    okay, so using virtualbox , installed a 32bit ubuntu VM. it runs much better.

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