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November 7th, 2009 by Crusader

A few Quake Live-related items:

  • Bethesda Blog interviewed id Software’s Marty Stratton about the genesis of the online shooter.

    One of the most requested features in QUAKE LIVE and something that I think would be at the core of any premium service, would be the ability to very easily and quickly start a private match (that only you and the players you invite can join). Right now, all of our matches are open to the public and started by our back end systems. So, what we’re looking at creating is a totally integrated and very easy to use method for starting and running a personalized private match.

  • Evil Geniuses posted a four-part “Quake Bible” that has some interesting Bushido-esque philosophical advice for players.

Also, there’s been some consternation over recent comments John Carmack made to Variety (as a side note, I had completely missed that Variety now covered gaming news) about Rage probably not having a dedicated server for multiplayer. While initially disconcerting, my understanding is that Rage is primarily a single-player or co-operative multiplayer game, and not deathmatch-oriented like previous titles.

EDIT: Yeah, here’s the quote I was thinking of from a recent Shacknews interview:

Todd Hollenshead: I expect that we will be online on the consoles. It is a single-player, story-driven game with co-op capabilities, as opposed to a game where co-op is the way in which it’s built then there’s a different version of the game that’s not as fun by yourself… There’s no deathmatch in it now. If you put two people in the same time, they can shoot at each other, but there’s a whole bunch of different stuff that goes into that versus a cooperative campaign.

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