jClassicRPG 20091104

November 5th, 2009 by Crusader

jClassicRPG’s new test release is out. Changelog:

  • New monsters/humanoids, animations for some beings
  • New town types, buildings
  • New character voicepacks
  • Generated Road System added
  • Mouse support added
  • Camera set to smooth turning in combat mode
  • Options menu completed
  • Very basic scenario support with seed choosing at New Game
  • Behavior skills are now used in perception
  • Easier to use character creation
  • World map window enhancements, graphics, town icons
  • Displaying percept beings in 3D in walk mode with fade shader
  • Top button row for accessing windows
  • Tooltip system added
  • Many-many bugfixes, optimization, reference leak fixes and more.

The developer also notes that feedback at the project forums is much appreciated.

Download: [ ]

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