KreiselBall Announced

October 29th, 2009 by 93interactive

KreiselBall, a game where you control a ball by turning the world around it, either trying to get to the finish line or clear all the colored circles from the level by changing the ball into that color and then hitting the circles, has entered the Linux gaming world. This game features 30 levels with physics and internet high score. KreiselBall is available now for EUR 7.82 (excl. VAT) from their website

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  1. gaibon Says:

    Is anyone else experiencing startup problems with this game? I tried launching it from a terminal and it complains about a missing libsfml file. I installed all libsfml files under Synaptic and the problem still occurs. I couldn’t find any contact information for the developer on the Kreiselball site. I’m running Ubuntu 9.04, haven’t bothered upgrading to 9.10 since it’s too buggy for me at the moment.

  2. 93interactive Says:

    i am very sorry, there was a problem with the startup script under debian based 32 bit distributions which always tried to start up the 64 bit version. please download the newest demo (1.0.1), it fixes the problem.

  3. gaibon Says:

    The new demo works great, thank you!

  4. Gen2ly Says:

    This game’s pretty fun. Don’t know why but I’ve always liked games like this.

  5. 93interactive Says:


    wow, thanx for making a archlinux package, archlinux is one of my favorite distributions!

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