Wine 1.1.32

October 26th, 2009 by Marv

The latest and greatest development release of Wine has been announced. This release, which came out last Friday, has the following new features:

  • Many crypto fixes, particularly on 64-bit.
  • Improved DVD access on Mac OS.
  • Several common controls improvements
  • Various HTML support improvements.
  • More DIB optimizations.
  • Various bug fixes.

Download: [ Wine 1.1.32 ]

3 Responses to “Wine 1.1.32”

  1. crawfordo Says:

    Hey.. since you’re covering WINE, I think you should not forget to cover cloud gaming news too.. with services in development like OnLive, Gaikai, and OTOY, this can potentially bring a whole wave of games to linux. They appear to be targetting web browsers as well via plugins (including maybe even just flash), so depending on how they eventually turn out we could very well see an enormous gain in linux gaming potential!

    Also consider VM news too (VirtualBox, VMWare etc). It’s geting pretty decent playing fully virtualized these days too…


  2. Marv Says:

    Honestly I am so old school I have not accept games in the browser in my mind yet.


  3. crawfordo Says:

    Haha, I hear you. Well times are changing…in a few years I’m thinking we’ll all be playing Crysis at high settings on the mobile phone (well hope anyway haha). If anyone is interested and hasn’t seen yet, search Google Video for Gaikai and OTOY browser tech demos.

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