NVIDIA Developer Interview

October 31st, 2009 by Crusader

A reader sent in word that Phoronix conducted an interview with NVIDIA UNIX driver team member Andy Ritger:

Some of the particularly interesting answers include how the managerial view of Linux at NVIDIA has changed over the years, how greater than 90% of the driver’s source code is shared between Windows and UNIX platforms, the actual percentage of the Linux driver downloads from the NVIDIA web-site, how an open-source strategy similar to that of AMD’s may be technically possible at NVIDIA but is very unlikely, whether gaming on Linux will become viable for commercial game publishers, how the Nouveau developers are doing “a really incredible job so far”, what’s coming in the next twelve months to their Linux driver, motives behind creating VDPAU, and the biggest challenges with distributing a proprietary Linux driver.

What vendor created your current graphics card’s chipset?

3 Responses to “NVIDIA Developer Interview”

  1. ChaosEagle Says:

    I am using (and have been for many years) NVIDIA graphics cards, which mostly was due to the bad quality of the ATI (fglrx) driver at the time I had an ATI Card. I’d love to see how the driver has improved under AMD, though. :)

  2. SlickMcRunfast Says:

    AH nVidia make a better installer and Control Panel. You can do better. Give me the power of rotate.

  3. znurre Says:

    I’m having a NVIDIA GeForce 9650GT

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