October 22nd, 2009 by Crusader

Linux game coding superstar Ryan “icculus” Gordon has created FatELF:

I got sick of Mac developers pointing out that Linux doesn’t have anything like their “Universal Binaries,” so I did something about it.

Comments welcome. I’m submitting the kernel patches later today when I figure out how to do it without looking like a n00b, but feel free to play with it. There’s even a whole proof-of-concept virtual machine, with Ubuntu 9.04 x86 and amd64 installs glued into one.

Developers, post your comments!

4 Responses to “FatELF”

  1. jsheedy Says:

    Now this is work that should really come in handy with better packaging for apps/games.

    great job!

  2. SlickMcRunfast Says:

    Any ideas which games will be packaged with fatelf first?

  3. dorpsgek Says:


    I think it will not be UT3 :P

  4. M1AU Says:

    This sounds great. Thanks again to Ryan for his efforts. Hopefully this will make game development for Linux simpler.

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