Alien Arena 7.32

October 21st, 2009 by Crusader


Alien Arena, an open source multiplayer game that combines retro and modern sci-fi themes, is now at version 7.32:

Yes, it’s only been a couple of weeks, but a critical bug when using Nvidia 191.xx drivers has forced us to put out a new release much sooner than anticipated. Despite the frantic moments, we also were able to squeeze in a few new features, as well as a new level! Also, it should be important to note, that because of some compatibility issues, we removed the automatic video settings on first run, and have reverted back to defaulting the game to medium settings out of the box. Players should be advised that the game will likely run just fine on a mid-range or better system if you enable higher graphical settings.

Features added for 7.32 include:
Fixed critical bug when using Nvidia 191.xx drivers
Dynamic world shadows using shadowmaps
New map, dm-zion2k9
Splash damage now triggers hit indicator sound
New spawn effects

Future work for Alien Arena will continue, as we have begun work on improving our antilag code and some other gameplay related items, as well as some items that for now remain a little more clandestine. Our next release will be targeted to occur some time in the winter or spring of 2010. So for now, grab 7.32 and enjoy!

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