World of Goo Sale!

October 16th, 2009 by Crusader

Thanks to the many, many readers who let us know 2d Boy are holding a birthday sale for their award-winning physics/puzzle game, World of Goo, where you only pay as much as you think the game is worth (be honest please!).


The sale ends October 19th.

5 Responses to “World of Goo Sale!”

  1. SlickMcRunfast Says:

    HAHAHA $1,000,000. That one is going to bounce. Bought the game at release.

  2. dimko Says:

    I have tried the demo. Nice graphics and physics, all in all, but not my bowl of soup, you know what I mean?
    Not enough brains mixed with gore for me. Yet if you like brain teasers – it really is for you. Would strongly advise to parents.

  3. bnolsen Says:

    Ugh I’m out of the US at this time and of course I can’t make a purchase without a bunch of alarms screaming, etc. (already tried)
    This sale won’t happen again or will we see a $5 or so price drop after the sale?

  4. zakk Says:

    the sale has been extended until the 25th!. That link also has some sales data and a shout-out to Linux users :)

  5. jsheedy Says:

    I bought it. I paid 7 bucks (US dollars) for it.

    I see this game under the 10 dollar range, 20 dollars just seemed too much to me.

    Now .01 – 4.99 – well that is too low to me, but that is my opinion, others will vary.

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