Telepath Psy Arena 2

September 27th, 2009 by Crusader

Sinister Design let us know that they have released a new turn-based tactics game for Linux, Telepath Psy Arena 2:


  • Build your team from a randomized marketplace of different soldiers. Shadowlings, spriggats, and even the undead are yours to command!
  • Train your team however you like, unlocking dozens of powerful attacks along the way.
  • Make your way through 10 leagues with 80 challenging, turn-based tactical battles.
  • Beat challenge matches to unlock mystic orbs that imbue you with a bevy of special abilities.
  • Randomly generate an infinite supply of brand-new battles for you to fight!

There’s a demo available; the full game can be purchased for $12.99 US.

Demo Download: [ ]

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