Little Space Duo

September 27th, 2009 by Crusader

A reader let us know that Little Space Duo, a puzzle-based arcade game, was released.

The player guides an unusual pair of heroes – a little girl and a small robot – on their way through a huge spaceship. Both characters possess different abilities and need to work together to overcome obstacles and stay out of trouble. The corridors of the spaceship are patrolled by various robots and little duo must avoid or outsmart them, providing a test for both the player’s cunning and skill!

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5 Responses to “Little Space Duo”

  1. blendiac Says:

    Oh. My. God.

    It’s MISSION IMPOSSIBLE from the Commodore 64!!! I can’t believe it… I can almost hear the startup sound…
    “Ah, another visitor… Stay a while… Stay FOREVER!!!!” *sigh* That was back in the days when hearing a real recorded sound was revolutionary.

    Betcha thought that all gamers were too young to recognise it! lol.

  2. jsheedy Says:

    That is exactly what I thought. I played that game all them time back in the day.

  3. M1AU Says:

    Played the demo, liked the style, bought it. This is definitely worth it!

  4. duglambier Says:

    Just a though :
    I would be interesting to know how many Linux copies will be sold.
    And like Koonsolo :

    LinuxGames team could contact Jugilus to know if the Linux version performs well, compared to the Mac OS Version or the Windows Version

  5. gaibon Says:

    Very entertaining game! I toyed with the demo a bit and ended up purchasing the full version, a good game at a good price.

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