Shadowgrounds Survivor and demos released

September 18th, 2009 by Alkini

LGP announced the release of Shadowgrounds Survivor, a third-person/top-down alien-invasion action game:

As promised! Shadowgrounds Survivor is now available. We’ve had reports that some people have neglected sleep playing Shadowgrounds for the last two days, and are close to completion. We ask you please to sleep at least once before starting Survivor, yes we know the game is good, but, we don’t want anyone dying from too much Shadowgrounds goodness!

They also released demos for both games:

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  1. rocchi.alessio Says:

    No audio here (Ubuntu 9.04).
    I would have liked the game, but no audio means no game to me.
    Yeah, pity shitty ubuntu/pulseaudio, but also blame LGP.

  2. msimms Says:

    Did you try changing the audio system in the launcher? You have 3 options. Try them all.

  3. jsheedy Says:

    I have audio on Ubuntu 9.04 (64bit)

    I was just wondering if there was joystick support

  4. Andre4s Says:

    Audio works just fine here. Ubuntu 32-bit on Apple hardware.

  5. SlickMcRunfast Says:

    My audio didn’t work the first time(clicking run from the installer) I started the demo, but after closing a few programs and starting it up again it worked fine. I’m on Ubuntu 9.04 32bit

  6. dimko Says:

    Shadow grounds demo didn’t work for me.(i blame poor quality.)
    However, already downloaded and played both full versions Shadowgrounds and Shadowground Surviror.
    Frankly, i am slightly disappointed. I am hardcore player, but I have completed both games in all together 16 hours or so(on veteran diffuculty).
    I had problems with sound, for some reason high quality sound samples were no-no… But lower sound settings(with 3d acceleration worked, but were useless, since I was on ear plugs anyway, no positioned sound). I am on gentoo, so I know for sure, no pulse audio was used. Auto settings didnt work, but alsa did the trick.

    I was pretty happy with graphics, yet i didn’t see much difference between shadowgrounds and shadowgrounds survivor. I have to admit effects like water and explosions were made very nice.

    Games had a few bugs, but nothing major that would make them unplayable, unlike demos…

    I cant say it’s the best game i played on Linux, but its definitely worth renting, or buying in case if you expect to play it more than once. To defence of game, once complete you have a chance to play it with different modes, and there are quite a few of them to choose. I haven’t tried survival mode. I am too lasy :)
    Too bad no multi player, even against NPC environment – it would be a lot of fun!

  7. pinotdev Says:

    Not bad ! I am a sucker for Alien Breed-type games.
    The demo crashes after the first level though (“Caught std::exception basic_string::_S_construct NULL not valid.”) while loading the Road to Atlantis. Just before that happens, the screen shows a “Localization Missing” message.
    I am on Fedora 11/x86_64 and found I had to install a whole bunch of 32bit libraries to get the launcher to show up, starting with

  8. Andre4s Says:

    I have another strange issue with all LGP games. When I play the game it exits full screen mode. Then I have to minimize the game maximize it again to get it back to full screen. In Shadowground that do not work however. In Shadowground the game exits full screen mode and the mice stops working and the only key combination that works is alt+ctrl+F1 to jump to a TTY. From there I can kill the game and get mouse controll back. It happends very often. I have not played the demo for more then 5 minutes ever. Anyone else with this problem?

  9. darjeeling Says:

    SG crashed once for me towards the End of level 4, where you have to go from the Com-Relay-Station to the military base to meet the professor. It freezed up when I walked along that small mountain path and the cutscene with the mech-eye-alien started. Other than that, it’s all been fine.

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