LGP releases Shadowgrounds, patches X2 & X3, restocks Majesty

September 16th, 2009 by Alkini

The LGP news is piling up. First, they released Shadowgrounds, the precursor to their previously announced next title, Shadowgrounds Survivor:

We have a surprise announcement for today! While we have Shadowgrounds Survivor due out at the end of the week, we are releasing its predecessor, Shadowgrounds, immediately, as a budget title! Get the story from the beginning today, and on Friday, find out what happens next!

Second, for the X2 & X3-related news:

A new patch is now available for X3: Reunion. This patch fixes the most serious issue reported so far, the memory leak that we have been looking for the last few months. If you have been having a problem with the X3 memory footprint, random crashes, or slowdowns, this should fix your problem.

A new patch is now available for X2: The Threat, which makes the sound pulseaudio compatible, and fixes some minor bugs.

X2 has a new version of the Demo available, with all of the improvements that the full [has]. We are also announcing a permanent price cut in X2, down from £30 to £20. Finally, we are announcing that X2 has now been added to our download catalogue. Resellers can download the files immediately, and are able to resell it as of midday tomorrow. Please see your favourite reseller for access. If you’ve been putting off checking out X2 and X3, now is a great time to take a look, with rental versions available as well as purchases!

Lastly, Majesty is back in stock:

For those that have been waiting, Majesty is now back in stock! With a new colour manual, and now with PenguinPlay support, order your new version today! If you already have a copy, and don’t want a new box, all the game features are available in the new Majesty patch which has just been added to lgp_update.

5 Responses to “LGP releases Shadowgrounds, patches X2 & X3, restocks Majesty”

  1. xmorg Says:

    Wow, that game actually looks cool :)

  2. jsheedy Says:

    I might get this one, I just built a new low-end system with an onboard ati HD3300. Seems ok, games like quakelive seem to work, others like Savage 2 were having some issues. From the look at these specs I think I would be ok.

    I may update the card at a later date.

  3. xmorg Says:

    I just bought it! hehe I hope it works on my freebsd system.

  4. darjeeling Says:

    I tried to buy it yesterday, but tuxgames did not quite take my creditcard.

  5. xmorg Says:

    The game demo runs really slow, and appears to have only one resolution which is higher than what my 19 inch monitor can go. I cant seem to change my controls from WASD to left right up down. My computer can play doom3/quake4, and nwn at decent framerates. Is there any way to town down the graphics or make it faster?

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