DungeonHack and Scone RPG

September 27th, 2009 by Crusader

The authors of DungeonHack, an RPG that grew out of the “stubbornly determined” ‘Elder Scolls II: Daggerfall‘ remake community as a solo project, sent in a release announcement:

A refreshed Ogre + Bullet + Python demo (Linux and Windows binaries) has been released by the team that took over for the man who had to leave his baby behind (Chad Cuddigan):

The project has evolved into an engine, the Scone RPG Engine, tailored to run large-scale and non-linear role playing games with dynamic social and political worlds. DungeonHack is our legacy “world module” currently all wrapped together as one game.
In the future we will be showcasing as our “Native” world module a highly original and exotic setting with years of crafting put into the political, economic, and societal motives driving its action.

This version 0.10 demo presents a simple but attractive world similar to Daggerfall. Arriving at a typical inn (with a slightly bizarre innkeeper), you will become involved in a small quest leading to a dungeon and a soul to be freed.

We are GPL and willing to share code and art assets with other projects.

You can participate in project discussion at their forums.

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