Free update for Mystic Mine now available

September 4th, 2009 by koonsolo

Koonsolo announces a free update for Mystic Mine. In this game you guide a goldcar through impossible “Escher” levels. The free update includes following improvements:

* The multiplayer game now tracks the overall scores for all played levels. This means that you can organize a tournament with your friends, and at the end see who won the most games.
* Mystic Mine is now running faster, so slower machines are now better supported.
* The first levels of adventure mode are now even more fun.

For those who already bought Mystic Mine, and want to receive the latest version, just send a mail to and your download will be reactivated. And for those who don’t have the full game yet, play the new demo and have fun!

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  1. Andre4s Says:

    Not bad at all!

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