id Software has abandoned Linux?

August 22nd, 2009 by Tweet

A rather “interesting” post has appeared on an Ubuntu Forum

> Dear Mr Carmack, I am just wondering if the graphics renderer for
> Rage is still
> built using OpenGL 3.* as a target? Will id still port to Linux if
> user numbers are
> small or not as big as say Mac OS or Windows?
> Gratzi,
> naikon89

The PC and Mac versions are still OpenGL 2.x.

We are not currently scheduling native linux ports. It isn’t out of the
question, but I don’t think we will be able to justify the work. If
there are hundreds of thousands of linux users playing Quake Live when
we are done with Rage, that would certainly influence our decision…

John Carmack

The followup to that post:

> Ok, it must be alot more difficult to port
> than older id software games :(

Yes, it is. The codebase is much, much larger, and the graphics
technology pushes a lot of paths that are not usually optimized. It
probably wouldn’t be all that bad to get it running on the nvidia binary
drivers, but the chance of it working correctly and acceptably anywhere
else would be small. If you are restricted to it only working on the
closed source drivers, you might as well boot into windows and get the
fully tested and tuned experience…

John Carmack

id Software has been a long time support of the Linux community and is really distributing to read that they are possibly moving away from the Linux platform.

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16 Responses to “id Software has abandoned Linux?”

  1. nod51 Says:

    Does this mean it will come with a copy of windows, because I don’t have one and find the assumption that a gamer (although not hardcore, I only have 8-12hr a week) would just have windows. I looked at Quake Live web site and it looks like Q3A with a web based installed, which I was not a fan of and already have about 20 FPS, many much more fun than that was. If this assumption is wrong, please tell me and I will take the time to try it.

    Having said that I understand his point of view, a company has to make money after all, and appreciate the past support. Good luck, I am sure Rage will be good till the next windows game comes out.

    Now to go preorder HoN from S2 games and play the new version of Sacred.

  2. Trizt Says:

    It’s bad to assume that everyone has agreed on the microsoft EULA, it’s like assuming that everyone who owns a gun is a crazy mass murderer.

    Sadly there aren’t many good new games, nothing new, so I will continue to play an old classic xBill.

  3. gordallott Says:

    I don’t really mind that much, there are plenty of games coming out for linux these days, normally indie games (without a publisher telling you what to do, it sure does give you a lot of freedom to actually do what you want) but indie games are fun :) I only have so much money to spend on games and ID software unfortunatly won’t be getting a penny

  4. senectus Says:

    so sad. :-(

    I have only bought linux native games for the last few years, I’m quite sad I probably wont get to buy Rage.
    (that doesn’t mean I wont get to play it though)

  5. darkranger Says:

    I am not really care that news….
    Carmack is a a hard core devloper, not PR
    He never said the Linux version will came out when he developing the new engine
    But id still release many Linux titles
    Much better than Epic Games talk about UT3, they said but never did.

  6. dimko Says:

    I wont buy windows games. Even if I do – for some very specific reasons.
    Other studios will raise, ID will loose one old customer, and probably more than that.
    With radeon driver becoming open source in matter of months its strange that he is only talking about nvidia drivers.
    Besides, nvidia drivers cost me nothing, windows costs something. id rather spend those money on linux support or buying linux titles.
    hope ID will change it’s ways. I felt wrong about whole this id being bought out thing, however it is true, rage was never announced as linux title anyway.

  7. berarma Says:

    He’s pretty intelligent, he never announced the Linux ports in advance for any of the other titles, he’s always said the same. He’s hinting to the Linux community so we help build Quake Live success in exchange. I think he deserves our support, he’s releasing the source code for every engine they’re developing, they’re building a big Linux game scene in the genre. Anyway, I won’t buy Rage until there’s a Linux version since I can’t play it.

  8. Andre4s Says:

    Sad but probebly quite “expected”. Good will can’t last forever. They do not have unlimited resources to spend on supporting smaller platforms.

    But is it not strange? You write a engine and a renderer but still the game look diffrent on diffrent platforms with diffrent drivers? Game development API’s have to be a mess?! I mean. You write one pice of code. Open GL/DirextX or whatever. The result should in my world look the same everywhere. but no!! as it seems.

    And no, I do not have any experience with game API’s. I am just reading what other people say.

  9. daturan Says:

    hey I’ll bet “rage live” will be out in no time ; ) + I’m having a blast playing jumpNbump, xmoto with my kids

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, John Carnack here to answer your questions.

    1. nod51 Says:
    August 23rd, 2009 at 12:35 am

    Does this mean it will come with a copy of windows, because I don

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, John Carnack here to answer your questions.

    1. nod51 Says:
    August 23rd, 2009 at 12:35 am

    Does this mean it will come with a copy of windows, because I don

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Responses failed to post. Have a nice day, webmaster.

    John Carnack

  13. dholm Says:

    Do you also expect PS3 games to be shipped with a PS3 or Wii games to be shipped with a Nintendo Wii?

  14. nod51 Says:

    In reply to 13:
    Sorry for not explaining why free drivers are not the same as buying Windows.

    quote: “If you are restricted to it only working on the
    closed source drivers, you might as well boot into windows and get the
    fully tested and tuned experience‚Ķ”
    I can get the closed source drivers for free, thus my question about getting Windows for free.

    So in comparison to the Wii (aka driver) vs PS3 (aka Windows):
    “If you are restricted to a free Wii, you might as well buy a PS3 and get the full experience”
    So now the Wii game costs X, but the PS3 game costs PS3+X.
    So if (prices and disk usage are guesses so please correct me if I am wrong):
    Rage costs $60, takes 6gb disk
    Windows 7 costs $200 takes 15gb disk
    Rage costs me $260 and takes up 21gb of my (future) 30gb SSD, though to be honest I couldn’t afford the SSD and better video card if I had to spend $260 on a single game. So I guess it DOES comes with Windows, but not free like the closed source drivers do.

    Now on the other hand if they made a boot-able DVD that runs Linux/BSD with the closed source drivers that saves data to a USB flash drive, then some of the Windows people would complain they don’t have a USB flash drive and the game should come with one… free.

    Everyone has a copy of Linux, some just choose not to download and install it.

    In reply to: 10-12
    If that is truly you John Carnack, thanks for taking the time to read my post, sorry if it offended you, I was just trying to state I don’t have or intend to buy Windows*, which means I will not be able to play Rage (yeah I could still buy it for the box). Heck if I wanted to make a living with games, I would try making iPhone games, and I don’t even have an iPhone or any desire to get one. I understand your reason for not committing to a Linux version, and I hope you understand why 2 of my friends and I will not be playing Rage.

    On another note:
    After thinking about the post more and reading comments for a few days:
    1) push Quake Live, possibly get some users, made me sign up, but have yet to play (playing too much HoN).
    2) fire up the open source graphic driver developers to get things working. I have seen some good things on the way but still lots of room for improvement, I hope they get really upset at that open source drivers are crap comment.

  15. dorpsgek Says:

    Talking about quake live.

    Why can’t i modify permanent seta s_alsa_pcm “default” in qzconfig into seta s_alsa_pcm “plughw:0″

    Every new login, this is overwritten.

    When you want 100 of thousands linux users, don’t cripple them with crackling sound and let them modify it when the game is started.

    Also putting seta s_alsa_pcm “plughw:0″ into autoexec.cfg doesn’t work, you have no sound.

    Btw, nice to play quake3 ………………. allready bought the tin box years agao.

  16. darkranger Says:

    I told you so:

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