John Carmack on Linux ports

July 20th, 2009 by Crusader

LG reader Tweet wrote id Software’s John Carmack about the status of Linux ports for the first-person shooter developer’s upcoming titles (minus QuakeLive, which has a Linux port in active development already):

Wolfenstein is pretty unlikely, since it was developed at Raven, and published by Activision. There are no firm plans for linux ports of the idTech 5 titles, but it certainly isn’t off the table. I don’t think it will be very difficult to get them running on the binary nvidia drivers, but bringing them up to functionality and acceptable performance on other OpenGL drivers would probably be a more significant undertaking than we could afford.

idTech 5 is id Software’s next engine, being used for Rage and the as-of-yet untitled DOOM sequel.

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  1. nod51 Says:

    *&^%&* I just bought ATi!!!!!!!
    No Linux port then none of my money.
    There that was simple…

  2. king inuyasha Says:

    If id Tech 5 needs OpenGL 3.x, that shouldn’t be a problem, since both nvidia and fglrx support it. And OpenGL 2.1 support is coming to the OSS drivers through Gallium3D later this year.

    There are a few other game engines that support OpenGL 3.x, so meh. I really hope id isn’t planning to abandon making Linux ports of the id Tech 5 titles.

  3. SlickMcRunfast Says:

    I’ll be waiting for it

  4. reve Says:

    I want play this Wolfenstein. It’s id tech 4. Is it so hard to port it ?

  5. dimko Says:

    Frankly, sounds bad, sounds lik ewe will be loosing another linux player, I already felt bad when learned that id was bought out…

  6. sinister13 Says:

    >Frankly, sounds bad

    AFAIR Carmack always said things like this, so nothing new here. He just telling they have no commercial interest in GNU/Linux. It is much more interesting what Timothee Besset of id Software would say, because Carmack is not into GNU/Linux stuff now at all.

  7. Conzar Says:

    Yea, he is into Cell Phones and games from 1999

  8. daturan Says:

    many of my favorite games and mods are built from ID’s offerings so this news is a bit concerning,,, but the community keeps up to speed, so even if tech5 never sees the light of Linux I’m fine with the next version of alien-arena,, dark-places, etc. Community driven games, have been way more exciting then most of the slurry the gaming industry has been producing for a few years now.

  9. ThoreauHD Says:

    Even Carmack know ATI sucks.

  10. caibbor Says:

    Wow, id software is so rich that they can’t “afford” to port this to Linux.

    poor guys, they must not be driving ferarri’s, make tripple digit sallaries, and have fat pensions waiting for them to retire on.

    poor guys. let’s all shed a tear.

  11. peispud Says:

    It seems to me that Id has taken the decision to abandon Linux awhile ago. I would imagine we have seen the end of them sharing their old code as well. There is still some profit to be made from the Linux community, and with Carmack lacking the backbone to man up and tell it as it is, we soon be left playing nothing but second or third generation games. First UT3, then this. The funny thing is, the more greedy developers get, the more gaming starts to suck. Not that profit is a bad thing, but when it trumps all else we are left with very pretty games with no soul. With a few exceptions I get more of a thrill playing Thief2 fan missions or DeusEx than I get from wasting my money on what now passes as gaming. Like Warren Spector before him, John Carmack will go from an innovator and visionary to some one merely turning out garbage sequels for cash.

  12. liamdawe Says:

    I just purchased the collection, the prices are good and the demo worked flawlessly on 64bit ubuntu 9.04 and so i thought why not and treated myself!

  13. liamdawe Says:

    Oops commented on wrong bit, please delete this and my above comment!

  14. darjeeling Says:

    Kind of sad news, but then again, they always kind of had that policy and never really “supported” Linux, except for their Linux version of Quake 3, but other than that they just released binaries for the Linux version to use with the files from the Windows CD/DVD.
    What worries me here is the remark with NVIDIA and ATI. As long as they release binaries, I’m fine with it, they don’t have to offer support for libraries or shared objects or anything.

    The frequency that these news appear with in the past month also kind of worries me.
    I’m really looking forward to Rage since I’ve first seen the Trailer, but if they won’t release it for Linux that’d be quite bad.
    Sure, if developers would stop supporting Linux, community solutions would appear, but that’d take quite a while.
    Non commerical project are also capable of nice graphics and so on. Just take a look at 0A.D. amazing graphics, it looks better than any RTS I’ve seen to this date.

    I’m also still waiting for UT3, I was stupid enough to believe in their word when they said that the Linux binaries did not quite make it on the DVD but that they’d release them right after the game shipped…
    I preordered UT3 back then and well, what shall I say, still no Linux client.

  15. dorpsgek Says:


    You are absolutely right about UT3.

    It’s even not playable with wine, which could be an excuse…….

  16. dorpsgek Says:

    UT3 again

    Maybe it can’t be released for what for reason, just say it, people do understand a lot.

  17. ThoreauHD Says:

    I’ll bet my left nut that every one of ID’s games will have a linux server so their shit doesn’t crash. How’s that for justice.

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