Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys!

July 14th, 2009 by Crusader

S2 Games, developers of the Savage series for Linux and other platforms, is conducting a closed beta test for their newest title, Heroes of Newerth. A multiplayer strategy game, HoN expands on the Defense of the Ancients style of play.

Moreover, S2 Games has given us beta keys to give away; comment on this article with a description of your favorite game hero/heroine (doesn’t have to be a Linux game, but it’s preferred!) and we’ll send one your way! This is on a first-come, first-serve basis; once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

More screenshots/info can be found here at the game’s Facebook page.

EDIT: The first batch of beta keys have been sent out! Let me know if you have any problems, and thanks!

EDIT: The second batch (through post #125) has been sent out; if you’ve posted but haven’t gotten your key yet, e-mail me.

EDIT: If you’ve posted through post #175, you should have your key! If you don’t have one yet, there’s plenty more!

EDIT: Everyone through post #218 should have a key. We’re not out of them yet!

EDIT: 282 posts later, we have around 200 keys left.

EDIT: 30 keys left to go; after today we’ll be all out.

WE ARE ALL OUT OF BETA KEYS – thank you so much to everyone who participated, and have fun in the beta!

607 Responses to “Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys!”

  1. nod51 Says:

    Pitlord on DotA, that Teleport saves money on boots, and if the first thing you buy is int items (even though he is str) and get stats and rain of fire first 5 levels you can get lots of money as well as piss off the enemy. by the time you are lv10 you should have cleave, be able to hold people, and kill all creeps in a wave. If you properly time the teleport you can really push other lanes with the team before they can counter you. He is also simple to play, enough hp to run, enough spells to piss off ranged people. Though he is not as overpowered as Faceless or Luna, I just enjoy playing him more.

    Other than 8 hours a week of DotA with 2 friends I don’t play much else, I spend my solo time making a game. I should start playing NWN again soon as friends are done modifying it (between DotA games) for DnD 3.5 rules…

    Oh and if anyone else cares, the newest version of wine runs the NWN editor almost perfectly (so I am told from friends). The texture corruption is way down.

  2. naggie Says:

    For me it’s anyone in Diablo II. It would be great to have an open source implementation of that game.

    Thanks for the key!

  3. yopes Says:

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure whether my hero/heroine has a name.. The Diablo 1 main character(s). They were amazing heroes simply for being able to fight their way all the way through Diablo’s lair to him, but their true heroism didn’t become apparent until the very end. I won’t spoil it for any of the younger crowd who hasn’t, yet, played through D1 (you should do that this weekend), but those of us who have will likely never forget that scene. Heroics at their finest.

  4. sgrenier Says:

    For me it’s the Torchbearer from DemiGod. I know it’s not a Linux game sorry, but it’s the same type of game, that why I choose this character.

    Thanks in advfance for the key!

  5. shrift Says:

    Kyle Katarn in Jedi Knight 2… Not that his character was really so great, but it is my all time favorite game.

  6. rocchi.alessio Says:

    well, obviously Sam from the Serious Sam series! :D

  7. blendiac Says:

    The kid from Psychonaughts. A brilliant, twisted game. OK, and Lara Croft. She’s got attitude. (whatever that is…)

  8. cm7900 Says:

    My favorite game hero is Lester Knight Chaykin, from Out of this World. He is a athletic physicist, who is working in particle acceleration research before he was teleported to a strange alien world. In that singular situation he became aware of his survive instinct, in part because, the alien society make him immediately a slave -even after he try to make a friendly first contact- and he make a party with a native habitat to scape from there captors. His previews experience in science don’t help him try to understand what make him travel to another planet -or dimension- and study the new world -for his perspective-, because, the violent and fast response of there imprisoners. But his athletic condition help him to cross the barriers of that roman-like, futuristic-like and apocalyptic-like scenario. Even he don’t understand the native language, he manage to make friend with a alien. Demonstrating, his true intentions for the rest of the alien biological entities.

    From my experience, that character was the first scientific hero in video games. That make me

    Also, will this game have the same pay model as Savage 2?

  9. cm7900 Says:

    Sorry for doble posting, but i want to finish the second sentence of the second paragraph: “That make me explore more about science”.

  10. iuri Says:

    My favorite hero is Guybrush Threepwood from monkey island series. He is a guy that want to be a pirate. To save your wife he need to fight with pirates and search treasures.

  11. danieleboyo Says:

    Megaman has got to be the best hero: he has a gun for a hand! Steal weaponry, wear a blue baller suit…what more can you want?

  12. jonan88 Says:

    Squall from Final Fantasy VIII, solitary soldier that wanted to complete every mission all by himself but was forced to lead a team and finally manage to feel affection towards his crew.

    He had a quite good psychological evolution along the game and the sword/gun he had was really cool :P

  13. bisnull Says:

    Twinsen from Little Big Adventure.

    One of the first 3D RPG games that I played, the little guy’s got character and he’s ferocious with the saber (Savage2’s moves should be like that!). And of course, it’s always a blast to solve puzzles using the magic ball. Using his wits, athletic ability, martial arts, and stealth skills he travels the planet of Twinsun to save its residents from the evil tyrant, Dr. Funfrock.

  14. tamzor Says:

    Oh my.
    ROBIN HOOD. He has got to be the most bad ass hero of all time. He was and still is my hero since I was a kid in my living room jammin on that classic game from way back when.. “Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood”.
    Although it’s not very good now compared to the rest of the games, it stills gives me nostalgia just looking at the case. >_ <

    Thank you for the Beta Key if I do get one!

  15. dan121 Says:

    My favorite hero from a video game is Guywood Threepwood from the Monkey Island series. Hes a pirate, clever, and he gets a lot of treasure while exploring the world. He also gets to fight against ghosts, zombies and a bunch of other crazy stuff.

    Thanks for the key if i Get it.

  16. tolle Says:

    Duke Nukem, a roided Bruce Cambell with a license to kick ass.

  17. greendots Says:

    Abe from the Oddworld series:
    A funny character in a serious situation. The game play is mostly puzzle based and has great, imaginative graphics.

    The game looks amazing… defiantly worth a look at that facebook video!

  18. soundslikeaplan Says:

    my favorite gamer is mario, the mustachioed plumber is always saving Princess Peach. not only is he in a handful of classic games, but he’s a character everyone can relate to!

  19. lakin.wecker Says:

    Super Mario for sure. He’s been around forever, has lasted through the 3 major decades of Gaming.

    Link would be up there too, Maybe in first place.

  20. beemer Says:

    My favorite has got to be good ole Mario. I grew up with him and helped him survive countless baddies and other obstacles.

  21. chinesebeatz Says:

    My favorite game hero is definitely megaman. I love how he is able to mimic the bosses ability and incorporate it into his own blaster. Also, zero and his other friends all look awesome too :D

  22. rancossackx Says:

    Hm… I’d have to say Haseo, from .Hack//G.U. Though, not specifically him, but more hit Avatar Skeith, the Terror of Death. Sure, he was “evil” in the first .Hack// game, but he technically becomes a hero in the G.U. series.

    After all, who DOESN’T like a giant, super powered creature with a scythe? So, one of my favorites would be Haseo, of .Hack//G.U.

  23. jacksaw Says:

    My favourite video game character would have to be Locke from final fantasy 6. A treasure-hunting rogue with a heart of gold.

  24. bereaver Says:

    This is way old school, but I still love the original hero from Sierra’s Quest for Glory series (you could name him what you want). Good mix of humor, drama, puzzles, and action. The first game I played where you had to develop individual skills which affected how your character performed in the world. I prefered the theif class, but always developed magic for some reason. Classic action RPGs. Those were the games that got me hooked on gaming, even if they were greenscale.

  25. barron2219 Says:

    My favorite hero would be Tidehunter, “Leviathan” from DoTa because first of all I love strength heroes and second bein the powerhouse is awsome.

    Also Super Mario because he is the greatest.

  26. riipfang Says:

    YEAH my favorite hero of all time is Batman. He can kick all the baddy ass and use wits and technology to his advantage but .. unlike Superman and other heroes, he is very easy to kill. One bullet to the head is all you need but he daringly soldiers on, always one step ahead of that fateful day..


  27. sinister13 Says:

    OK, it’s maybe James Earl Cash from Manhunt (PS2) :-)) My favorite GNU/Linux game is Penumbra series, but it’s main character is rather the player him/her-self.

  28. garan132 Says:

    My favorite is the lone wanderer from Fallout3

  29. neshaug Says:

    Freeman of course! No one can fit the hazard suit better!

  30. Slothe Says:

    Bioshock was an extremely fun game and I liked the hero from that. The map was also very intense with a sense of old fashioned and new technology put into one. I love that kind of game.
    And if you have anymore keys I’m all up for it.

  31. rilian Says:

    Stranger, the protagonist of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, is one of my favorites. The folks at Oddworld always did a very good job with character development, and to see the hero’s journey done with their unique flair made for a great game. The Clint Eastwood-style bounty hunter turned bounty turned ecological savior managed to inspire empathy while staying badass, and the ending sequence still ranks up there.

  32. xubuntnoob Says:

    Brock Sampson
    He kicks ass and doesn’t have time for names.

  33. royale Says:

    I also really like the character from Bioshock… even though he talk much and you barely saw him, I just liked playing as him in his situation.

  34. bubleftw Says:

    Serious Sam

  35. bubleftw Says:

    Serious sam becouse he is really cool looking guy who kills millions if not even tons of enemy same time

  36. omnicrola Says:

    Honestly I think I enjoy villanous characters more than heroes, but there are some good heroes too.

    Favorite hero is probably Tassadar from Starcraft. Noble, self-sacrificing, and made a hellofa bang when he went. :p

  37. shixax Says:

    My favorite Hero should be zero, from megamanzero, not any other series of megaman. Has amnesia and manages to keep it togheter and save the world for 4 consecutive games! XD Anyhow, thx for the key ^^.

  38. troymize Says:

    My favorite hero is definantly windrunner from Dota. She is extremely versatile and hard to kill. She is also capable of great damage if played correctly. Thanks for the key.

  39. klintu Says:

    the coolest hero of all time had to be beowulf from FFT, by far the coolest character, with the finest skills. it would be cool to see a temple knight like that in HoN.
    thanks for the key!

  40. feld Says:

    I always liked Imoen from Baldur’s Gate.

  41. akima18 Says:

    My favorite Hero would have to be Squall from Final Fantasy 8 on PlayStation. This was the one of the first RPG’s I had ever played – and I wanted to be just like him. I was really young then, admiring how he wielded his “gun blade” and how cool he looked and acted. Even to this day I still think he is a big figure-head in my life. A lot of what I do reflects what games Ive played, and what characters in those games Ive developed bonds with. Squall is one of my greatest heroes – he has given me the opportunity to play that incredible game and also to overcome challenges that i was facing in my life during that time. Immersing my self in the Final Fantasy world with characters such as Squall was a big stress reliever in my life. I hope that other people can enjoy games the way i do – and immerse themselves and develop bonds with the story and the characters.

  42. noobjuicer Says:

    My favorite game hero would have to be Graham from King’s Quest V. I loved that game as a young’un. Very engaging, great storyline and a total graphical overhaul for the series. It was truly a great game and remains one of my favorites.

  43. nephorsis Says:

    The greatest game hero would have to be Larry from Leisure Suit Larry series.

    He gets what he wants, in one way or the other :) A true guy’s fantasy

  44. frumple Says:

    I think one of my favorite Heroes is from the baldur’s gate series. Misc of course! His character was so wonderfully crafted bordering righteous and insane. I loved the dialogue he would bring to the table with various other party members, interjecting boo’s own wise (or crazy) advice whenever the opportunity presented itself.

  45. infwonder Says:

    My favorite hero is the Padman in World of Padman game.

  46. jakemagee Says:

    Not to be a copy cat, but I have to say Super Mario as well. In fact, my corgi’s name is “Super Mario Magee”!
    Mario the corgi

  47. terminus909 Says:

    Nice article and would love to try HoN. My favorite hero would have to be Link from legend of zelda since he never speaks.

  48. snarfsnarf Says:

    My favorite game character has to be Rhasta from DotA. I love wards/shackle gank combo haha.
    Hoping for a beta invite to HoN! Thanks!

  49. boman Says:

    Dante from Devil May Cry. Cocky, has a big mouth on him, but best of all is that he can back up every single cocky word that comes out of his mouth and then some!

  50. poktay Says:

    I’m going to go with Welkin Gunther from Valkyria chronicles. The reason being that although he does some pretty decent fighting, the bulk of his heroism is done with his strategy and tactics. Also, he’s a man of science!

  51. vinegaroon Says:

    Has to be Tux from Tux Racer :D, can’t believe no one has mentioned this linux classic yet.
    Hope there are still keys left, thanks!

  52. rvnt77 Says:

    My favorite hero has to be faceless void in Dota.

  53. kappyftw Says:

    My favorite hero from Dota is Dazzle b/c obviously the cool name and i love his offensive healing play style. Aside from from Dota my all time favorite game character is of course the the legend Mario nuff said.

  54. snybestcarry Says:

    Dante From devil may cry
    favorite hero in dota has to be vengful spirit :D pro stuns and swaps.

  55. untitled2jc Says:

    Stormspirit from dota and Luigi FTW

  56. harrowing Says:

    Duke Nukem…. used to spend hours and hours on a modem-to-modem connection playing this as a youngster :)
    Played the singleplayer levels endless times… allt he quotes… all the humor… the game is amazing and what made the game was Duke.

    Long live Duke.

  57. noisome07 Says:

    My favorite hero from dota would probably have to be lich. Being able to time a chain frost correctly is so rewarding when it’s Level 3 and you have a scepter.

  58. nogaruka Says:

    i like Sarah Kerrigan, the self-styled Queen of Blades, is a major character and the predominant antagonist in Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft series of video games and novels :P

  59. gilmeh Says:

    My favorite hero in DotA as of now is probably Pudge or maybe Rhasta. I can’t decide. I’d love to try the new HoN.

  60. logge Says:

    For me its the ‘Me’ guy from H.E.R.O. his so cool Chopper-Backpack…. According to its written in 1984…. so no Linux there, I am afraid…

  61. MasterMo Says:

    My favorite game hero comes from DotA and is Rikimaru the Stealth Assasin. Permanent Invisibility is probably the strongest skill u can have in a Multiplayer Arena and if u decide to run away u get backstabbed to death. Can’t wait to see a similiar hero in HoN.

  62. maligor Says:

    I’d have to say Manny from Grim Fandango.

  63. ryomou Says:

    My favorite dotA hero is Pandaren Brewmaster, well i love this character, never die, ultimate rulz ^^
    Thanks in advfance for the key!

  64. nod51 Says:

    MasterMo: If you watch the second video ( you will see a smallish blue character appear and put up smoke around 10 seconds into the video. You also see him reappear at the 34 second mark, run away and fade away by the 37 second mark (aka not a spell from what I can tell) then attempt to back stab at the 40 mark. Sadly he appears to have very little life and fighting the witch with her ghosts out (in dota equivalent) is a bad idea without life steal and/or some HP items to survive that wave.
    I assume the person chasing and gets killed by the water is like Slar and the main charecter is the which.
    In the 3rd video it looks like they have Earthshaker too.

  65. Stephan Says:

    I hope you still have beta keys left :P

    I fav hero from Dota would have to be Earthshaker. The amount of dmg you can put out in a few seconds is awesome, and with the ability to block other players is just a bonus!

  66. gg.artem Says:

    My favourite game is obviuosly wc3, to be more precise it is DotA, my favourite hero is Sand King, I like because u need a good control to him and once you can do it you can cause lots of trouble for your enemies.


  67. drig Says:

    I’ve always liked Solmyr from Heroes of Might and Magic 3 which I got from Loki back in the day. He starts with chain lightning which gives you that boost during the important start of the game.

  68. eNTi Says:

    For me it’s probably the The Nameless One from Planescape – Torment.

  69. mohojaren Says:

    My first love was Witch Doctor, I must say.
    Now listen to me, rhyming away.
    The first time I laid eyes on this beautiful creature
    I was trapped, man, Maledict’s such an awesome feature!
    Put it on my enemy, place a death ward,
    I swear that dude Meepo is gonna’ die hard!
    I’m deep in the shit now; I need to escape
    Paralyzing Cask and we’re up and away!
    Got away safely, turned on Voodo Restoration
    With 30 hp per sec, I can heal this whole nation!

  70. Svartalf Says:

    Heh… I’m more drawn to the hero/anti-hero, Cole, in Infamous.

    What more is there to like…a goodly part of the city dies in an energy blast, with YOU as the sole survivor at ground zero…

  71. travity Says:

    GOOOO David snake aka solid snake, mans best weapon, theres no way that america could lose a war with snake on their side.

    How are you gonna beat someone who defeated a giant robot that could have taken over the world 3 times! Just try him i dare you.

  72. Trizt Says:

    My ultimate game hero is Roger from Space Quest, he is quite lucky.

  73. insanex Says:

    Hmm, I’m definitely interested in trying this. I’m a big fan of Savage 2 – S2 did a killer job of putting both S1 and S2 together. It’s Blizzard-quality stuff.


  74. daroc Says:

    I have a bunch of favorite game hero{es,ines} … just off the top of my head: Kurt Hectic from MDK. He’s sort of an anti-hero being a janitor for a mad scientist on a space station and all. MDK was so epic for its time. Falling down through Earth’s atmosphere towards a mine crawler while dodging a radar beam and missiles was so awesome. And then you’re on the minecrawler mowing down aliens with a chaingun! I think I finished the game a dozen times by now.

  75. ripstorm Says:

    Axe pwns all! Really love the character. It’s probably the char that gets 1st blood the easiest. <3 counter helix xD

  76. ruben.marques Says:

    I’ll have to admit that the best game hero would be Arthas from Warcraft 3, i mean a sweet men converting into a deadly weapon? just perfect!

  77. 3v3rlasting Says:

    Has to be N’aix from Dota, just <3 him :)

  78. laser2150 Says:

    My favorite hero character would be Bill from L4D. as an old man you think we wouldn’t be that interested in surviving, but staying to help the young folks out and really bring some thing to the group. they work so well as a team and its a character you can be easy to become attached to.

  79. slav3 Says:

    I like POTM from DOTA.. The best hero for gang and good late player

  80. horse21 Says:

    Sabin from FF3! (or 6, whichever you prefer) Son of a king that turns down the crown to study martial arts. At one point, he holds up a burning house for something like 5 minutes while you save a child inside. He had a unique special ability, blitz, where you entered key combos like a fighting game (think mortal combat), and had great versatility. His final blitz was called ‘Bum Rush’. I Bum Rushed the enemy at every given opportunity!

  81. dmsu Says:

    The Crystal Maiden in DotA – great fun with the AoE spells…I just love the magic and wizardry abilities :)

  82. fadam Says:

    Yo its all about Duke Nukem. A completely shallow and one dimensional ultra-man who has appeared in the same game in about 50 different versions on every single device capable of running it (even Linux).

  83. jaray Says:

    It is tough for me to pinpoint my all time favorite, but as of lately my favorite would have to be Phoenix Wright. Through almost trial and error, he is able to sift through lies to discover the truth…all while almost ignorant to his skills.

  84. cronotrig Says:

    MY favorite video game hero has to be Guybrush Threepwood of Monkey Island fame. I have so many fond memories of playing that game as a kid many years ago. It was such a memorable game with great humor and an awesome storyline, I just have to say that Guybrush is my favorite.

  85. ragingworker Says:

    My favorite hero would have to be old dirge in a patch of dota. He was great at farming and harassing and staying alive. Plus what’s more badass than playing a zombie!!!

  86. aprudds Says:

    Rance from any of the Rance games. He’s a breath of fresh air from the stereotypical protagonists in video gaming.

  87. zidanel33t Says:

    My favorite hero from DotA is Huskar. Burning spears is great harrassment, his passive skill helps with last hitting and denying and teamed with any slow and stun are easy kills.

  88. greysky Says:

    The Legend of Zelda hero “Link” is my all time favorite character. Ive pretty much grown up with Link considering my age and the fact that its been the first game I got on the NES. I enjoy every moment spent with a video game of the Zelda serie! Its pretty much if Link and I were connected forever.

  89. omgtoaster Says:

    The L-block from tetris. Underappreciated but fits right in when needed. Has many different sides to him unlike the many stock one-dimensional characters out there.

  90. pysibal Says:

    I like DotA so much – I yearn for this genre to take off. Small player teams pvp ftw.

  91. nurhatal Says:

    My favorite game is Dota. I love to choose one of the many heroes. Playing as a team always has a chance to discover something new. And to win, where it is almost impossible.
    I play in dotu about 4 years old. And with each passing day, my interest in this game more and more.

  92. pysibal Says:

    Oh my favorite hero: KOS-MOS from Xenosaga. Her absurdly overdone attacks and character development are fun, and she’s a hottie. R-CANNON!

  93. rakushun Says:

    Dante, from Devil May Cry. Unlike most heroes, he never gets down and he doesn’t take any crap from anybody.

  94. wutzan Says:

    Obviously Tux from TuxRacer is the most amazing game and hero in the world. All these other guys don’t know what they’re talking about!

  95. hfs991hfs Says:

    My favorite is Traxex from DotA. Getting frost arrows + going invisible with Lothar’s to sneak up on heroes is too fun.

  96. theunholydonuts Says:

    my favoriate is Doom from dota. Rushing aghs and instantly killing people with ~1k hp is so much fun

  97. coreyon Says:

    Pudge from DotA. He’s so ugly and beastly that it’s impossible to not have fun!

  98. cdanyo Says:

    Gotta go with Laharl from Disgaea. Yes being a hero is fun and all, but anti-hero’s are much more hilarious. Especially when you are completely overpowered and psychotic as Larharl is.

  99. epickn Says:

    My favorite would have to be Bowser, although he keeps getting his plans foiled by Mario, he never gives up on the love of his life, Princess Peach.

  100. chaoskid42 Says:

    Woot comment 100! Favorite hero is SA ’cause he has AOE silence aka AOE RAPE. and backstab.

  101. project Says:

    My favorite would have to be Pudge, when I’m having fun. Because, I love leading, and I’ve played many games with leading involved. Somethings like using rockets, and the flight time and predicting where they will be just really is enjoyable to me. Also, who doesn’t want to be an undead butcher?

  102. koiboi Says:

    My favorite hero is actually Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series. Speaks a little and his actions really define the character. Plus he saved the world a bunch of times from giant robots…

  103. shenme Says:

    My all time favorite hero is actually an anti-hero, Kratos. They should make a character like him in DotA. Vengeful, powerful, and unstoppable. Plus he has a sad story behind his creation!

  104. stevenlu Says:

    The question sounds easy to answer at first, but thinking back, there are so many favorite heroes and it is difficult to choose one. However, if I HAD to choose one it would be myself from Pokemon Red. Sure he’s called “Red” but he did everything I wanted and his story was mine. Sounds corny but that would be my favorite hero, but in respect to DotA, it would be Nerubian Weaver. I still remember when I soloed a Skeleton King by dodging his Stormbolts and taking him on bottom river. Even after he revived again I dodged that flying hammer (by using Weaver’s windwalk) and finished him for good.

  105. aaronyu2 Says:

    Hakumen from Blazblue because he’s a real hero and fights for his sense of justice.

  106. pimpstrey Says:

    Favorite hero? How about the unnamed player character from the Zork series? The first few games in the series had the player as the same persistent hero character, and then future games (Beyond Zork, Zork Zero, and then on to Return to Zork and Grand Inquisitor) all made veiled references to “some hero” who had done fantastic stuff in the past: you!

  107. blasph Says:

    Axe from Dota is the best hands down, my favorite for years

  108. retardedidiot94 Says:

    From DotA, I’ve always been a huge fan of Leshrac (Tormented Soul). I remember him being one of my favorites back in the RoC original DotA days, where he had no melee attack and had a autocastable magic attack instead, which was terrible, and the general consensus was that he wasn’t worth using because of it. But his entire skillset promoted both strategic caster-style play (especially with the lightning which didn’t lose damage per bounce), team-oriented ganking (AoE stun), and sometimes jumping right into the middle of things which most casters weren’t supposed to do (diabolic edict, pulse nova). With good farming abilities, too, his item builds could have flexibility, and he became one of the most dynamic heroes to play with. Since then, as he was one of the very few original heroes almost entirely preserved into the Allstars version of the game, he’s always been the hero I’ve been most comfortable playing.

  109. msimoens Says:

    My favorite Heros are always the ones i can create or modify myself. D&D, Shadowrun etc. But if i had to pick one all time favorite it would be Wolverine! Stormshadow would be a close second if you count villans, or Snake Eyes i guess.

  110. orakus Says:

    I like Alex Mercer from prototype. Blending into crowds but strong as hell in an instance. Doesn’t have emo issues commonly faced with other mainstream protoganists as well!

  111. jagstang501 Says:

    Prolly the no name dude from GTA III.
    First game that really made you believe you could do anything.
    Influential for other games and opened up a lot of possibilities gaming-wise.

  112. cavan480 Says:

    My favourite hero has got to be Pudge from Dota!!! Out of all the heroes on Dota you have got to have the most skill. To time the hooks, and build strats around your skill.

    Other than that its got to be OG Loc from GTA San Andreas. Coolest accent ever. Hes a legend!!!

  113. d3tained Says:

    Nobody will ever beat DUKE NUKEM!Must be the coolest Hero ever!
    Shame Forever will not see teh light of day. )c:

  114. danius Says:

    It would defenetly be SAM !!!! love the shoot em up !
    hope there are still keys !

  115. henkehehe Says:

    Gordon Freeman is the best hero of all times. Nobody kick alien ass like the G-man Freeman.

  116. valdimir Says:

    A hero like Invoker is such different from the others, there is no one like him in al the ways, he has many optional ultimates which is more fun to play him.

  117. valdimir Says:

    A hero like Invoker is such different from the others, there is no one like him in al the ways, he has many optional ultimates which is more fun to play him. he is my favorite hero of al time :)

  118. Conzar Says:

    My favorite game hero is my Mii and his name is “Conzar”. The games that my mii is in are Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort (the wii motion plus is very awesome).

  119. Desti Says:

    It’s Turrican from the legandary C64 game serie.

  120. smittyman210 Says:

    Bane from DotA, nothing like have a ranged stun that eats the other heroes health and mana, then sucking an additional 300 hp from them. Oh and sleeping their buddy while this all happens is nice too.

  121. zolthorg Says:

    My favorite hero is Sabin Roni Figaro from FF6
    Buff mofo held up a collapsing house for six minutes

  122. tolle Says:

    Thanks for the key. The game seems sweet, I know what I’ll dedicate my sunday to.

  123. saintfu Says:

    Captain Zelnick from Star Control 2/The Ur-Quan Masters. He gets to explore space, revive the Alliance of Free Stars, and kick Ur-Quan butt.

  124. teh.f4ll3n Says:

    Definetely Zeratul – dark, cryptic and pwns a lot of “mincelings”

  125. broketheinterweb Says:

    Link from Zelda for sure. It was and still is my favorite 64 game, and the kid had so much vigor. Thank you!

  126. orthocopter Says:

    My favorite hero is Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes. He’s a pretty down to earth sort of guy with a great personality. He doesn’t need special powers to take on enemies and he uses a lightsaber.

  127. chip402 Says:

    Spirit Breaker from DotA. The faster he moves, the faster you die and he is one of the fastest, if not the fastest hero. And multiple stuns to make sure you don’t run away is just icing on the cake.

  128. wraith577 Says:

    Invoker. I love the spell creation system. Nothing better than switching spells on the fly at lvl 25.

  129. pikadirr Says:

    My favorite is definetely Pit Lord from DotA, you can farm up great amount of gold with him from the start and buy great item early. Hes really good ganger with “pit” and “rain of fire”, and have good lane control woth his teleport.

  130. M1AU Says:

    Well, I don’t really have a favorite hero but I do like Deus Ex, so I would say it’s JC Denton from Deus Ex.

    Anyways, I already got a beta key for some time and I have to add that the Linux client is already very well done and I really like DotA based games. So this is really a win-win situation for a Linux gamer like me =)

  131. jinnroh Says:

    Cloud Strife of course, such emoness makes for a great protagonist!

  132. jucyjuce Says:

    I would have to say my favorite Game hero is easily Sonic, classsic

  133. samlu Says:

    Heroes come and go, but my favorite is Mega Man. Nothing beats that blue robot… except cheap falls and spikes.

  134. xfooktardx Says:

    I would have to say that my favorite hero is Auron from Final Fantasy X. Auron is one of those cliche old master characters that say few and do more. I would love to see more heroes like him, but there’s usually one in some game, and you never get to really play them.

  135. luls Says:

    Yoshi obv.

  136. fishmael Says:

    Guybrush Threepwood, monkey island series!

  137. redwall Says:

    My favorite DotA hero would have to be witch doctor.

    On top of him being a crazy ganger with his bounce stun, death ward, and maledict… he makes an excellent hero to get back at trash talkers… especially when you have them maledicted for a lot of damage and they get away… let the counter shit talk begin lol

  138. svempaboi Says:

    My favorite hero would be Enigma in DotA. Good farmingabilities, most irritating stun ever and aoe-ulti.

  139. gosu.silentx17- Says:

    Lawl, Spectre of course, (:
    gotta love his ult, easy to run escape from gankss..

  140. agreatrandom Says:

    In DotA I’m a huge fan of the Prophet. Theres nothing like trapping the enemy then surrounding them with your own mini treant army. And mass summons are awesome in WTF mode when I play with my friends.

  141. gosu.silentx17- Says:

    My favorite hero in DotA would also have to be Spiritbreaker, when he hits level 6, he’s unstopabble 1 on 1.. Treads and MoM, It’s GG.

    He can own anyone going here and there cross-map..

  142. sredwards Says:

    Sandvich is my favorite.

    Sandvich fills me with joy and tells me to kill everyone, what’s not to love.

  143. iheartdansewell Says:

    I gotta go with Pudge, grab some unknowning hero with a hook then eat him alive? Yes please. And on top of that, I am going to take your corpse and nail gun it to myself to make myself stronger

  144. kamran Says:

    Hi! My favourite hero is Pudge because he’s a unique hero in DotA. You have to be good to play a hero like him and it’s a hero you can do nice kills with. I espacially like his hook cause it’s a very fun ability you can save your mates or get some nice frags. I’ve played dota for 5-6 years now and HON sounds very interesting to play.

  145. starshooter Says:

    Common the WC3 blademaster can take on anything.

  146. teaaker Says:

    My favorite hero is Spiritbreaker of course! Netherstrike can merk any agi hero!

  147. darjeeling Says:

    Hm, I’d say Guybrush Threepwood, and due to ScummVM even his “latest” adventure, the Monkey Island Special Edition is available on Linux.
    I also like Julian Brennan from the X-Series and Domasi Tawodi or “Tommy” from Prey.

  148. darjeeling Says:

    It’s also quite ironic how i check this site every day… and then once a action like this comes up, A FRIGGING LIGHTNING takes out a cable node nearby, leaving me without TV, Internet and Phone for 3 days….

  149. gorgexpress Says:

    For DotA, probably Earthshaker. Fissure trapping is so fun.

  150. uriell55 Says:

    My favorite hero is DotA’s Lord of Avernus. Before the shield nerf, I used to be able to hunt down and kill enemy heroes at level 1. Even now that he’s not as good anymore, shield is awesome, and I love using Frostmourne + Shield; hunting down enemy heroes as they try to run away is my favorite part of this game. Plus his Death Coil lets me heal my teammates when needed (as does Shield, sort of) and his ulty is just off the charts.

    Plus, his voice is badass =3

  151. eddyboy Says:

    Since this is for HoN i’ll have to say my fav Dota hero ATM has got to be Tinker. Great early game and late. Solo mid with a bottle and rune whore all game long. Get a good rune and gank the side lanes. Farm up a BOT>Shivas>Sheep=WIN!!. “Hey My Tinker Bell!!!”

  152. ihatecapslock Says:

    Favorite DotA hero is most def, Rhasta. Even with a terrible team a good Rhasta can pull it all together with a massive amount of stuns. Playing for the team is more important than kill whoring.

  153. bobspanish Says:

    As well I will go with a hero from DotA. My favorite would Bane. I never was a good carry, I’ve always wrather played as a team. He’s a good enough solo, plenty of disables and deals out plenty of damage :D

  154. necasorof Says:

    Pudge (The Butcher), DotA hero.
    I like the fact that with practice, you can make some really sick hooks with him… I like all of the heroes with aimed abilities like that, PotM, Clockwork etc.

    It’s funny when you get accused of maphacking because you’re so good at hooking xD

  155. infandrew Says:

    It’s imposible for me to tell about my favorite game hero. They all mean nothing for me. In DotA i just prefer heroes that are needed for team (or random). For another games – it can be BloodRayne. I just like to cut my enemies on pieces.

  156. granton Says:

    My Favourite Hero is Potm. It was uber skillz to chase down a hero on min HP and fire a random arrow through the bush. But the satisfaction you get when you hit him from so far. Nothing better in the game, besides a 5 x Triple kill. haha. So looking forward to playing the new POTM on HoN!!!

  157. narkoteq Says:

    Even though for some years I’m not a gamer, but my friend recommended me to play Crysis, because this game supports multi threading.. I just tried it and now on some free time I like to play it, got quite far and from the new FPS games, I can say it’s my favourite, because for a lot of time I didn’t play anything!

  158. bomberhawk Says:

    Rhasta is an epic hunter, excellent for 1 v 1 battles, and team battles! Stun and kills are a traits of a good rhasta player.

    The goblin techie is the ultimate irritation/defender. Zero or near no offensive capabilities!

  159. obituaryan Says:

    Definately my favourite hero is Crystal Maiden! Unbelievable as a AOE Support hero, and even better 1 vs 1

  160. adagio48 Says:

    Only one ally Sentinel so many names, but only known to his election presently imya.On able to manage the power of marine depths, causing a rapid geysers that throw enemies into vozduh.Kazhdy stroke his blade like a sea prilivu.Ego knowledge of the spatial magic can return you there where you were not so davno.I he is always ready to treat his friends well-known rum, which is perfectly raises duh.On Admiral, he was the owner of the Seven Seas.
    Admiral increasingly peaked and banyat for all kinds of tournaments and championships, it can be explained by one – the Admiral is a decisive character for the team, and dangerous to their enemies.

  161. kuzaf Says:

    Mirror’s Edge I liked his Parkour is a very beautiful kind of extreme sport. It Parkour, but not incredible acrobatics like in other games, Mirror’s Edge I am hooked. In the game everything is dynamic, in motion. We should not stop running across obstacles. Very nicely done the city, all this white.
    Soundtrack to the game chic, good story – in general a great game!

  162. od Says:

    Darth Vader from Star Wars.

    The Key plz?

  163. mylar Says:

    In my opinion Necrolyte is the best mage. His ultimate is real epic! More than that his aura takes from enemys 1% of their max hp. I think that necrolyte one of mages, that can comfortable play at late game.
    So, if you want to play at late as a mage, Necrolyte your best choise :)

  164. lil adik Says:

    My absolute favorite hero is Luna Moonfang. There’s just something about bouncing shurikens and an Ulti that causes major damage if used right, that makes her a very special heroine. Once you farm her completely, it’ll probably be only an old-school Razor that can beat her.

  165. herozero Says:

    Guybrush Threepwood, all nostalgia aside he’s a well rounded well humored fellow that is self aware just enough to make the games he’s in on a different level of enjoyability.

  166. rozza88 Says:

    Drow Ranger. the slow, the silence the damage!! Love popping out of lothars just an an enemy hero thinks he getting away and slowing them down untill my team arrives. Love the supporting role.

    Thanks very much for the keys guys. Cant wait to try this game.

  167. lamish Says:

    Yurnero – The Juggernaut.
    I just love jugger cuz of his strength, he is very easy to play and very fun. its a bit hard to play him early game but after a while it gets a lot easier. Hes ulti is just fantastic it wipes out almost every hero ingame.

  168. ironfray Says:


    He was extremely unique from the rest of the heroes. Switching between his arsenal of spells and learning to chain 3 spells in a row etc required skills. I hope HoN includes him in the hero list! I mean his orbs were already hot keyed the way HoN does it anyways, QWER. Quas, Wex, Exort and R for Book!

    Come on guys.. vote on this! Imagine Meteor or EMP burst with HoN graphcis! OMG ORGASM!

  169. blackh0le Says:

    I don’t have just 1 favorite dota hero but my top 3 definitely have to be Earthshaker, Sven, and Windrunner.
    Fissure traps are so much fun, Sven’s toughness and high damage makes him fun to rush in and chop everyone to pieces, while Windrunner’s crowd control capabilities are awesome with powershotting!

  170. aquabunny Says:

    Troll in DotA, nothing beats bash unless you have more bash…grr void

  171. hytzon Says:

    Razer from DotA…. He’s the best for beginners like me!

  172. setsuna666 Says:

    One of my favorite game character is The Oak from Demigod.

  173. corv1n Says:

    think that it’s Max Payne, the best plot ever. And Pristess od the Moon in DoTa ofc! It’s exatcly the hero I wanna play and can play really good. Magic arrow creates magic gangs!

  174. kenmoryak Says:

    When I bought my Nintendo Entertainment System Super Mario Bros game was included in its package. The Nintendo had realized the success of the game at first release. I was a great fan of Atari games but was left open mouthed when I saw the graphical and audio improvements seen in Nintendo. The games by Atari had been extremely short with very little depth, but the Super Mario Bros game just kept going and going. The sheer size and scope of the Super Mario Bros game was what really made the Nintendo compete with a large edge with the other competing companies. I was in video game heaven with better graphics, sounds, presentation and depth of the game. It was a whole new gaming experience.

  175. zerglingrush Says:

    I think the Wanderer from Shadow Of The Colossus is easily my favorite hero… He climbs mountain sized monsters to kills them with a sword, bow, and horse… that’s it

    He also does it all in the name of love which is pretty epic

  176. ThoreauHD Says:

    Good Lord, look at all the comments. Might needa have a look at this game.

  177. camelbill Says:

    Solid Snake from the Metal Gear games is my favorite hero. He brings a whole lot of character to the game that makes the atmosphere enthralling.

  178. crimsonfury Says:

    As for games on linux, my favorite character has to be the chaplin from Savage 2, i like keeping my teammates healthy.

    For all platforms, it would have to be the engineer from TF2 :P i want my damned class update!

  179. oompa Says:

    My favorite is Ameratsu from Okami!

  180. rapidmon Says:

    Link. Because he’s timeless.

  181. kiunch Says:

    Never played DOTA, but going to check this game out.

  182. kiunch Says:

    Crap, clicked on submit without telling my favorite hero, got to be Mario, old and short plumber tirelessly trying to go after the pretty princess….. and still no result after 15 years.

  183. sc3252 Says:

    Never was a fan of DOTA. The elitism put me off, so I am hoping that it is actually nothing like it and that the DOTA fans leave.

    Really I don’t have a favorite character form any video game, mostly since there is nothing to like about the super heroes. The only heroes that I have ever admired are the ones you can make up for the Elder Scrolls games. Being the hero and or the anti hero is always a blast!

  184. hitech Says:

    I very much love CS .Мой the favourite player in CS SPAWN.Второе my hobby it DOTA allstars. In DOTA my favourite hero Huskar .Very it would be desirable to play in Heroes of Newerth.

  185. mendeleev Says:

    My favorite is Venomancer.I think it the best hero 1 vs 1.First Ability It is very useful =)

  186. zetrax Says:

    if you have more beta keys, could you send me one?

    thanks in advanced

  187. darjeeling Says:

    Now what’d really interest me is how many of the people posting here are really Linux gamers, like me…
    and how many of them just came here to get a key for HoN…

  188. mickfoley Says:

    Drow Ranger rulz , it’s a uber character , ultimate ability very imba ) )

  189. genstealer Says:

    Butcher in dotA. his Meat hook is awesome, It makes game grasping and intriguing,
    stealing frags with hook is very funny xD ^ Linux gamer too…

  190. heleos Says:

    I would love a beta key… I used to play a lot of dota, and I’d love a linux-friendly improvement

  191. meralias Says:

    Soldier G65434-2, the hero in System Shock 2. Surviving in the chaos with only a psychotic AI on your side .. mostly ..

  192. octico Says:

    Riddick …. bad ass! Escape from Butcher bay was good!

  193. t0ne Says:

    Anymore beta keys?

  194. tshark101 Says:

    I’d have to say Agent 47. He doesn’t say more than is necessary and he’s always in a suit. Looking forward to testing this game, I loved Savage 2 and DotA.

  195. dythlt Says:

    Alyx Vance from HL2. Need I really say why?

  196. mrpoopoo Says:

    I would like a beta key, i always played dota and lan with people.

  197. obsitos Says:

    Please send me a beta key, if it’s possible!
    Thanks a lot!

  198. cobrafeet Says:

    My favorite hero is Meepo the Geomancer from DotA, he’s unstoppable if played right and can carry an entire team. A close second is Regulus the Sniper from Demigod.

    I would love a Beta key if you still have some lying around, thanks!

  199. oddsocks Says:

    DotA!!! Love that game. Always play it with friends, but this looks even better! hopefully there are some beta keys left ^^

  200. andisheh Says:

    my favorite hero/heroin in any game has to be ash ketchum from the pokemon series. who doesn’t want to roam the world training cute but dangerous creatures that are basically put there for your enjoyment?!

  201. klebs512 Says:

    My favorite hero is definitely Thrall from Warcaft, simply because he is so bad ass :).
    I would love a key :).

  202. shaggy Says:

    Max Payne duh

  203. slayerzark Says:

    Master Chief from Halo.
    I would like a key,i played Masters of Belial a lot.

  204. nok Says:

    Cool, love dota would love to give this a shot

  205. fang Says:

    Solid Snake from MGS.
    As for DotA – Bone fletcher is my fav, excellent ganker, tower wrecker and is easy to escape with. I hope he has been given justice in HoN.

  206. cepiroth Says:

    Solid Snake! SNAAAAKKKEEEE!! He’s my favourite because he is so steriotypical it is funny.

  207. cyb Says:

    KRATOS from God of War. He is the best.

    And from Dota is Yurnero (Juggernaut) he is like Kratos unsopable truck, smashing all :)

    I hope to get cd-key and play with Imba HoN. :)

  208. tworu Says:

    The Best game ever…. Starcraft… From me it took 3 years of my life.

  209. loboq Says:

    My favorite hero is definitely Tauren chieftain from DotA, simply because he is not very balanced, but his team skills are imba, he is hte best in dota from 6.61 i think!

  210. unfouonline Says:

    My favorite character would be mario… I spent so much time running around and saving princess Peach !

  211. roadierich Says:

    Got to be Julian, from the X series, specifically X3:R, although you would probably call him more of an anti-hero.

  212. kenchi Says:

    I love Zeus from DotA cause hes storng and he doesnt get bad in end game because hes got hes shock.

  213. pinqvin Says:

    There are a few I like, but I must say that Geralt from The Witcher is truly a badass hero, if you can call him that… Which reminds me that I need to finish that game!

  214. flowheat Says:

    Has to he tbe Bard from The Bard’s Tale. That game was hilarious, but also had great action, and a unique combat system.

  215. neuen Says:

    I would have to say the computer from Portal is hilarious and one of my favorite characters, especially the song in the end credits :)

  216. auron Says:

    As my name says, Auron > PS2 > Final Fantasy X. Today this is classic rpg) but how much time and memories has it taken….

  217. simonpip Says:

    Either Sam Fisher or the Prince from Prince of Persia. If early ideas that have been scrapped counts, scruffy bearded Sam Fisher from the early shots of Splinter Cell: Conviction, otherwise definitely the Prince from Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Loved his back-and-forth with the heroine, whose name escapes me at the moment.

  218. badamrock Says:

    My favorite hero is probably Locke from FFVI. He’s a love-stricken thief who wants to make everyone happy and safe, but puts his own well being and happiness on the line for them. A truly deep character, as are most of the characters in FFVI.

  219. schwander Says:

    omg easily Cloud from FFVII. that scene where he busts out of the building while riding the motorcycle is the most BA thing ever

  220. Mike Says:

    I have to go with Kratos(sp?) from God of War. He was such a badass :D

  221. arachnid666 Says:

    I think my favorite one is Dante from DMC 3 because he has no fear.

  222. garnett28 Says:

    Rydia from Final Fantasy II, what could be better than a chick with bright green hair who can summon a bunch of gigantic monsters to do her bidding?

  223. sensui07 Says:

    I would have to say may favorite as of right now is Cole from inFamous nothing better then Shockwaving someone off a roof then sticking them with a grenade. :)

  224. paranoidray Says:

    Aside from DotA its no Question for me: its Bitterman from Quake 2.
    But from DotA my favorite Hero is Sniper. :-)

  225. sostratos Says:

    My favorite is Alex Mercer because he is a badass hero, but i like DotA too.

  226. eckl Says:

    Hey, i would love a beta key, have played dota since it came out =). Would be glad to see some new graphic changes and characters. =)

  227. relentlesssa Says:

    DOTA’s Spiritbringer.

    He is the angriest cow ever. And he will stop at nothing to smack you in the head. A lot.

  228. cirrus Says:

    Minsc- Baldur’s Gate. Why? GO FOR THE EYES BOO GO FOR THE EYES!

  229. ak-aveyattack Says:

    dota! omg the greatest for no raise

  230. dumpstering Says:

    This looks awesome , love dota, would love a beta key.

  231. dumpstering Says:

    also my favorite video game hero has got to be cloud strife , from FFVII, cool hair , big ass sword , whats not to like .

  232. mearcliff Says:

    Would LOVE to get a key for the love of dota!

  233. avensauce Says:

    my favorite hero would have to be vivi from ff9… he was so small yet deadly

  234. defazer Says:

    Arthas Menethil from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
    What can drive a man to kill his best friend? Ultimate power of course =)
    How about his OWN father? MORE power XD

  235. formedsmoke Says:

    I love Luigi, from the Super Mario Brothers. He’s the ultimate underdog, all my friends hate him, but I prefer his agility over Mario’s chubbiness.

    Close runner-ups are Altair from Assassin’s Creed, and Cloud from Final Fantasy 7.

  236. teldin Says:

    My favorite is from Fallout 3, the Survivor from Vault 101. HoN Beta key please!

  237. Verorabis Says:

    Mine would probably be Link from the Legend of Zelda. Since I was 6 I’ve loved him.

  238. cyred Says:

    Fallout 3 is pretty good. Can I get a HoN beta key? Thanks

  239. cyred Says:

    My favorite hero is Cloud from FF7.

  240. peteros Says:

    I would so love a beta key , if you can give me one , It’d be highly appreciated , a good friend of mine
    recommended this to me.

    Thank you.

  241. vugar Says:

    My personal favorite of character would have to be Fenix from starcraft original and the expansion Brood War due to his conviction for his home planet and faith since even if his body has been broken and deterioriated, he continues to fight for his home planet and race.

  242. niefong Says:

    My favorite video game hero is Squall from FF8!

  243. tortuga-man Says:

    Vyse from Skies of Arcadia. Nothing beats an awesome sky pirate wielding dual cutlasses :D

  244. benmerry Says:

    My favorite character is Minsc from Baldur’s Gate II and his space hamster BOO. That was hilarious throughout the game…

  245. dmlilley6 Says:

    My favorite video game character is the protagonist in Animal Crossing. Gotta pay that mortgage.

  246. bill.door Says:

    Taki from the Soul Edge/Soul Calibur series is my favorite character of all time. She’s got ninja style, swords and ridiculous boobs.

  247. fajiste Says:

    Solid Snake. Definitely. Who’s cooler?


    Thanks for the key!

  248. sikras Says:

    Definitely the little guy in Asteroids. You had no idea why he was there, or what he was up to, but you still wasted hours and hours of helping him towards his goal.

  249. stark Says:

    Enigma from DotA Allstars.

    Loved the fact that you can literally suck people in with your ultimate, and that enigma’s concept is something like a loner against all enemies.

  250. guyer123 Says:

    solid snake dota enigma is best, dotafied!!

  251. whoisjerry Says:

    oh, am I too late? I shall partake anyways–I have to go with Trask Ulgo, the brave republic soldier who leads the tutorial in Knights of the Old Republic. That guy is so memorable.

  252. esoj Says:

    hard to go past gordon freeman for me. I love the half life series and gordon freeman is just awesome as a character.

  253. kush Says:

    duke nukem is the guy from all the times :D

  254. vesalius Says:

    My fav guy is Pudge from DotA! I love to hook people and eat em!

  255. xii Says:

    I liked Max Payne from the first game. His personality was something I wasn’t used to seeing in a game and I never felt like it was over the top without real purpose.

    Hope I’m not too late, this game looks good.

  256. folly Says:

    My favorite character is Kargoth Hammerhoof from wrangled rangers 2. He’s got a smashin’ hammer and he likes to use it!

  257. warz2k4 Says:

    My favorite is clinkz.. invisb, run behind them and spam nuke strafe…

  258. elyzion Says:

    Guybrush Threepwood from the Monkey Island series. !(^.^)!

  259. artavi Says:

    My favorite character is Pudge from DotA. Nothing more satisfying than landing that hook and late game running around as such a beastly tank with STILL useful spells.

  260. xxxeribenxxx Says:

    My favorite Character would have to be Toad from Super Mario Brothers 2!

  261. effess Says:

    my favorite character is witch doctor from dota because it’s a blast watching people take over 1000 damage cause you maledict/dagon’d them immediately :)

  262. midnighthowlx Says:

    My favorite is Gordan Freeman from the Half Life series because he knows how to properly use a crowbar.

  263. sunnye Says:

    My favorite character is omniknight from DotA, its lovely to see other team pissed off at the fact that they cant kill ur team with all the invulnerabilities and heals.

  264. xblade13 Says:

    I have to say my favorite character has got to be Illidan the Demon Hunter from the warcraft series. He always seems to be an evil character, but at the end of warcraft 3 we find he was actually trying to protect the world from a greater evil.

  265. stragen Says:

    My favourite character would have to be Altaïr from Assassins creed, anyone able to climb buildings, leap from 100ft towers and land safely in bales of hay deserve some respect.

  266. dongusbrevis09 Says:

    Gordon Freeman, by far. Regular man, but hero for the entire civilization.

  267. theshamburger Says:

    The best hero by far is the Heroi(ine) from Fable as in it shows a realistic hero and how they would act. Each action that they take will effect overall how everyone in the world effects them. Choices they choose, effect the way others perceive these people. Choices can be good or bad, generally you think of a hero as good, but as you’ve seen some Heroes over the years, their allignment can sometimes change, which is generally a shock to the world. But the game itself shows that if your trying to be a good and spectacular hero you cannot just mindless chop villagers to bits.

  268. aerlinger Says:

    I would say Fox from Star Fox. It brings back childhood memories from when N64 came out. Except I hated playing against him in Smash Brothers melee. :(

  269. zolzol Says:

    Favorite hero? easy.

    Hands down has to be pheonix from starcraft. Sure hes just one simple unit in the grand scheme but the guys a super zealot! Besides I always liked the stages with him , they were fun and challenging at the same time.

  270. barter Says:

    For my favorite hero I have to say it’s Assassin from Diablo 2, I just love having devices that do the dirty work for me ;)

  271. phwool Says:

    My favorite is Amazon from Diablo 2 :D I loved multishot >_>

  272. nightwalk3r Says:

    man, i have always loved Link in the Zelda games. I have always been a major fan of this elf fighter who saves the kingdom of hyrule haha sounds cheezy but playing all the Zelda games have been a pleasure! Any other Link fans out there?

  273. alexworth Says:

    I hope I can still get the beta key. My favorite hero is The Rook from Demigod! Great backstory and the biggest Demigod in the game.

  274. tsuru Says:

    Id have to say regulus from Demigod, ive been playing that game since beta and for some reason im just drawn to him, ive always seen myself as a sniper type and he just fits my play style perfectly.

  275. nsbqman Says:

    got to be solid snake from metal gear solid. stealth, humorous at times, cool, calm assassin!

  276. niaz Says:

    i hope i can get a beta key 2 i play with my friends account LOLLLL >,<

  277. jadienas Says:

    My favorite hero is Omniknight. He’s a hero who really lives up to the name; in the early game, his heals are great for saving teammates. Later on, with Repel and Degen Aura, and hopefully a good stock of items, he can run head-first into team battles.

    One of the big pleasures of playing him is that jerks on the internet thank you when you do a good job! Everyone loves having a successful Omniknight on their team. Compare that to a hero like Sniper, who usually just gets accused of kill-stealing.

  278. calamity94 Says:

    My favorite hero is Commander Shepherd from Mass Effect, he is a brave and loyal soldier who can be bad or good and does everything possible to accomplish the mission ahead no matter what the cost.

  279. tau_01 Says:

    my favorite hero is Dante because he is soo badass :)

  280. jakobsundin Says:

    My favorite hero is.. “GROO the Wanderer”. Classic classic epic comic book.

  281. avram Says:

    I would like a key please
    if there’s any left

  282. avram Says:

    Oops , oh well
    My favourite hero have to be Fable
    As you see him grow to be the way you wanted him to be (hmm hmm , evil )

  283. fatt_1 Says:

    My favorite hero is max from Dark cloud 2

  284. gdlol Says:

    Illidan Stormrage from WC/WoW. Hero/anti hero, whatever, he’s badass. Absorbed the skull of guldan and is half demon (to better fight demons). Kinda got twisted along the way but he’s fair awesome.

  285. nyth Says:

    Gordon Freeman from Half Life and Half Life 2… the silent hero of the world, crowbar in hand, is servant to no one besides maybe the G-man. With the headcrabs, its always a hackin good time! He started the alien invasion, and he pretty much ended it. Gordon is a badass.

  286. mikeoniel Says:

    I’ll have to do +1 for Mr. Freeman… guy has to be the coolest egg head ever!

  287. remains94 Says:

    Gordan Freeman is arguably the best hero of all time, he is just some average joe scientist who ends up being the biggest hero of the world in literally a split second.

  288. profaris Says:

    My favorit hero is Serios Sam becous he is so serious

  289. mikita Says:

    my favorit hero is Iilidan….cuz is so bad ugly and….you know…RULLZ ….is coolest evil guy ever

  290. nightend Says:

    My favourite hero would have to be Altair from Assassin’s Creed, he’s soo UBER and can assasinate you in 1 sec. Be afraid of him.

  291. ranger Says:

    my favorite hero is superman from marvel universe

  292. yooooshi Says:

    Favorite hero is yoshi from mario! ^^

  293. beastmasta28 Says:

    My favorite Hero will have to be Goku from dragonball Z, childhood memories =]

  294. vodnik Says:

    I guess it’s Mario from Super Mario Bros. I think it’s because that game is so tightly connected to my childhood. I haven’t really liked Mario in any forms past the SNES versions, though.

  295. thotor Says:

    Well there s too many heroes I like :p I would say Cloud from FF VII is my favorite. What’s cooler than carrying a huge sword ?!

  296. clotjuicy Says:

    yoshi from super mario!

  297. jotanata Says:

    Sonic was my favorite hero, still cool tho :P

  298. starscream48 Says:

    My favorite hero is Tyrael :D

  299. grug Says:

    I would have to say my favourite char is Rylai Crestfall the Crystal Maiden from DotA!

    I can’t play her (or DotA) to save myself, but I like to help out those who can, and her ice spells certainly come in handy.

    Out of interest… I’m still trying to get War3 and DotA running happily under Linux (Wine). At the moment, seems mostly ok, (but no sound) for about 30 mins and then dies (which sux for DotA).

  300. skiingowl Says:

    The goblin sappers from DoTA are my favourite characters.

    Prince Dickhead (Arthus) is my least favourite character.

  301. jejjej Says:

    Yoshi from super mario is my favorite hero <3 So cute <3

  302. kyopewz Says:

    Wow, so many good ones, possibly my favourite is Vincent from FFXII or Auron for FFX. You also just gotta love Mickey Mouse in KH2. :)

    In DotA my favourite is Storm Spirit

    Anyway, hope I can get a key, would we awesome, thanks in advance. :)

  303. bonkers85 Says:

    Juggernaut Yurnero is my favourite hero as his Blade Fury can resist from magic spells and his ulti omni-slash which is very powerful if 1on1.

  304. oddler Says:

    I love spectre. You can appear right behind enemy’s ass and do whatever you want.

  305. tojara Says:

    Kratos from God of War, those swords own everything

  306. kr1mzon Says:

    My favourite hero in DotA is faceless void. Haven’t played much DotA lately but this has certainly peaked my interest!

  307. goontuh Says:

    I really like the necromancer from diablo 2! The ability to summon many strong monsters to fight for you is awesome! Hope i can get a key =D

  308. jensjns Says:

    I’m a fan of the Pandaren Brewmasters of the Warcraft games, they are truly wicked!
    My favourite in DotA os the faceless void, he was the one who got me hooked.

  309. dany1000 Says:

    I like the venomancer, devion and the enchanteress from the DotA game, this game looks good, maybe better than DotA :D

  310. neakelu Says:

    Mine is Dante from Devil May Cry

  311. kraw Says:

    Kerrigan in Starcraft of course. In DotA it’s probably someone nice like Crystal Maiden. :)

  312. darvil Says:

    From the dota universe, my favorite char will have to be temple assassin. I really love to create havoc using her meld ability and then playing with the minds of my opponents. While at least until they wise up and buy wards…

  313. reve Says:

    Serious Sam is the best. So shame that linux version shall have word Forever in in name :-(

  314. silvereyed Says:

    Thanks for the key. The game seems sweet, I know what I’ll dedicate my sunday to.

  315. loboq Says:

    I love the pudge from DotA, his ganging strategy is best and funniest in the game, in HoN pudge not so cool :)

  316. zezualexei Says:

    Since this is a dota copycat game, I’d say Lina Inverse, Laguna blade ftw!

  317. narko Says:

    My favorite hero from dota is lich. Being able to time a chain frost correctly is so rewarding when it’s Level 3 and you have a scepter, and dagon its so crushing!

  318. moralmannen Says:

    Puck is my favorite hero cause it’s an awesome teamplayer-hero! The ulti combined with the 2 sec silence gives you an insane advantage in teamfights!

  319. nllong Says:

    Any one of the many Goo balls from World of Goo!

  320. tytherigon Says:

    Manny Calavera from Grim Fandango, he gets the job done

  321. wubl Says:

    Baionic Commando is the greatest Hero of all times!

  322. mayson Says:

    Well, id have to say that tinker would be my favourite from the war3 dota. missle spam has always been fun ^.^

  323. genericname123 Says:

    Keeping with the DotA theme, Slardar the Slithereen Guard; such a versatile hero – tanker, chaser, disabler, initiator..and of course I have to run it in Wine :(

  324. mongo Says:

    Gordon Freeman FTW!1!11
    (from half life for those out there that dunno)

  325. koleg Says:

    well in dota my favorite hero is priestress of the moon because i like aiming with the arrows and she isvery agile so u can strike and flee very fast

  326. apple Says:

    Well, I’d like to say Yurnero, Juggernaut. Mostly cause of his spells, they both deal massive dmg and makes you immune to magic while activated. Peace

  327. farmingeggs Says:

    Melee (ladder) in warcraft3: ever tried vsing a Panda as human? its bloody impossible
    nuke, drench, nuke… Archmage giving infinite mana in the meantime
    rediculous =/

    but thats why i use him

  328. vajan Says:

    I would say Phantom Lancer, he got the most a hero needs. He can escape, nuke fast and able to kill more then 1 at the same time with he’s mirrors :) Noneed expensive items for a kill.. So there is my opinion of the best hero :) And its DotA if thats needed, lol :P thanks!

  329. oblivion19 Says:

    My fav dota hero is Geomancer. No need for explanation, he’s owning…

    i would like a beta key for HoN

  330. amd_ Says:

    I am best PotM player in the world hands down!

  331. gatta Says:

    Gatta from World of Warcraft

  332. starshooting Says:

    Following Dota lines from war3: I’ve always loved playing Priestess of the Moon, arrows, when they actually hit, are halarious… and deadly

  333. confuzius Says:

    Got to be biker Ben from Full Throttle (1995)

  334. easyway Says:

    Razer used to be uber before they remade him =/ now he plays like an intel

  335. maysonic Says:

    not from linux but oh well
    Link from the Legend of Zelda series, loved him for ages, will do for ages

  336. Says:

    The greatest game ever made was Xcom. Damn it was good. Didn’t really ever have a single character to like though.


    Had lots of fun playing DOTA – maybe this will be better. Guess we’ll find out.

  337. levorotatory Says:

    SpiritBreaker from dota…. anybody else wanna get their head smashed around

  338. babymongoose Says:

    I first thought it would be best to give a “shout-out” to Cloud, but after reading some of these posts, I’m going to have to give credit, where credit is do, to Gordon Freeman. Such an amazing character and game. Now, where the hell is HL2: Episode 3?!?

  339. racemic Says:

    Another Potm player from Dota here >.>
    really loves those arrows

  340. fosser09 Says:

    I don’t see why so many people are posting heroes from DoTA; those characters have no depth. My favorite hero has to be Billy from Xenogears. Great game.

  341. myzze Says:

    Would really appreciate if I could get a key :(

  342. punkrock001 Says:

    pls send me just 1 key i dying here just to have 1

  343. ragekage Says:

    Auron from FFX. A bad ass with some depth. Finding the history behind this character was one of the many driving points for playing through the game.

  344. terroristbob Says:

    I’m a big fan of dark seer from Dota. He’s a great support hero especially with lich in your lane or ganking, and he can also kill other heros by himself.

  345. midnite Says:

    My favourite IMBA hero is Max Payne. Anyone knows Max right? Well, seems that he’s gonna be retired in it’s next installment.

  346. creepycarrot Says:

    Please can i get a beta key all my mates have the game but none of them can invite me!!
    Please im a huge fan of DOTA and wanna try this new Game out !!

  347. creepycarrot Says:

    My Fav hero is OmniKnight from DOTA im more a supportaive player

  348. destro88 Says:

    My Favorite Hero… Faceless Void – DotA. No one pwns like this guy. Nothing better than a well placed Chronosphere FTW. And you gotta love the perma stun O’ beatdown! Plus he’s got tentacles on his head where his face should be and uses a mace beatdown where other hears have all kindsa crazy weapons. He’s just a BAMF and definitely my favorite Hero.

    Can’t wait to play HoN, hopefully for beta but definitely when it’s final release hits the stores!

  349. elulamp Says:

    My Favorite hero is Necrolyte from Dota. He’s ultimate just owns, no matter even if u evane have 5000 hitpoints u r going town when ur hitpoints go under 50% and his aura is just awsome. Hoping to try that HoN out

  350. midork Says:

    My favourite hero is the Paladin from Diablo 2! :]

  351. intriguing Says:

    My favorite hero/heroine is definitely the Stealth Assassin, Rikimaru. His ultimate makes his name fitting for him and his Backstab skill is definitely something an assassin should have. Overall, the thing I like best about him is his ability to pick off low hp heroes and gank.

  352. chinstrap Says:

    Manny Calavera from Grim Fandango. The game is Half Film Noir, and half Día de los Muertos, but Manny is all cool.

  353. demond Says:

    My favorite hero must be Mega Man! Being able to just shoot stuff from my “arm cannon” is awsome. Being able to steal spells from other bosses and turn them into new arm cannon weapons is just awsome also! Mega Man games have always been fun to me. Had to go oldschool :)

  354. ancow Says:

    Kirby, for I too am an asexual blob who can’t stop eating.

  355. moshka Says:

    “Im not a big fat panda. Im *the* big fat panda”.( u’ve seen the movie, right? ) Both pandas from Dota can say this, but my favs and love, all with mages. Storm spirit is my choice – an *impossible to kill* mage for late game. P.s. and i join Confusiuz, Full Throttle calls for that sweet nostalgic feeling… ah, the best game from my youth )

  356. lalalo14 Says:

    My favorite hero must be Gordon Freeman. The instant change from an scientist to a alienslaying hero is pretty awesome.

  357. nodal Says:

    My favorite hero is the nameless man from Uplink. Manages to save the entire internet from a computer virus with the simple expedient of living in Swordfish.

  358. ossock Says:

    It must be chris redfield (Resident Evil ). The zombieslayer that cant die! And he hook up with nice girls too.

  359. drugzen Says:

    My personal favorite would be the Troll warlord from Dota due to his massive stun capability and nuke

  360. cirex Says:

    My all time favorite hero would have to be Cable from the Marvel Universe. Strength rivaling The Hulk and telekinetic powers that leave Professor X in the dust make Cable a total badass.

    Yeehaw, thanks for the key!

  361. ricochets Says:

    Dante From DMC – if only other heroes could look so cool skateboarding along on enemies (fuck you Mercer) and picking out the gigantic blades they were impaled upon as if they were tooth picks.

    The world would be a better place I say!

  362. w0xy Says:

    My favorite would definitely be Travis Touchdown from “No More Heroes.” I mean, come on! He’s a badass motherfucker.

  363. bobdole0 Says:

    superman, might not have originated from a game but he’s one of the first

  364. haissemonex Says:

    The Zerglings from Starcraft. Fast, cheap, and able to rip appart an opponent’s base. They perfectly demonstrating the swarming nature of the zerg.
    Plus you got 2 for 1.

  365. ikarussx Says:

    For DotA I would have to go with Phantom Assassin. Once you’re stacked no one can beat you. Who doesn’t like a cleaving crit that can one shot 2-3 heroes in one go?

  366. ChaosEagle Says:

    My favourite video game “hero” is Garrett from the Thief series, mainly because he doesn’t want to be one, but fails to prevent it in the end – and makes quite a buck in the process!
    Unfortunately, the games have never been ported to linux, but I’m putting big hope in “The Dark Mod” for Doom 3 which might become something similiar to the Thief games for linux (and other platforms doom3 runs on ;) )

  367. zuryn Says:

    I would have to say that my favorite video game (anti)hero is Purple Tentacle from Day of the Tentacle, because the fact that he didn’t let his lack of useful appendages get in the way of his plans for world domination serves as an inspiration to me as a paraplegic.

  368. whitewolf91 Says:

    My favorite hero has to be Mario. I mean seriously, he has saved Princess Peach time after time while fighting giant turtles and riding a dinosaur! How much cooler can you get?

  369. HtR Says:

    Mine would be Wolverine, the unstoppable Feral MACHINE!! :)

  370. partynikko Says:

    The barbarian from Diablo 2.

    It was my first character I created, and it was the one I always played. Eve
    Long live barbarian and hail Diablo 3!

    Must try HoN as I play DotA daily and really want to try this.

    Thanks in advance for key.

  371. nemo Says:

    My favorite video game character is Samus from Metroid.

  372. aypex22 Says:

    My favorite video game character is tharll from warcraft because he is a green mean fighting machine

  373. creed1029 Says:

    My favorite video game character is yoshi from mario because hes a green dinosaur and reminds me of my dog called yoshix when i was little hehe

  374. bertie Says:

    Vincent, the coolest character in all of Final Fantasy VII I had a crush on him!

  375. rxfox Says:

    My favorite game was always starfox and I cant wait til SOL coms out. Been hoping for years.

  376. erok Says:

    My favorite game was Chrono Trigger and the hero in it was the best! And I’d love a Heroes key!

  377. yemil Says:

    My favorite game character is Zell from FF8. He is such a badass his fists are the only weapon he needs. And the occasional guardian force summon of course.

  378. mazeura87 Says:

    Always liked the necromancer from D2. summoning classes are just always my favorite, despite his lack of usefulness in the game :(

  379. Jonathan Says:

    I love Meepo the Geomancer from dota its so funny to beat someone down with a character alot of people think is worthless!

  380. arthek Says:

    My favorite hero would definetely be Thrall from the Warcraft series, the Orc was a slave that had to endure brutal gladiator fights every day and managed to escape captivity, reunite his race under the New Horde’s banner and free all the other orcs from the internment camps, now he’s the Warchief of the Horde and one of the most powerful characters in Warcraft lore, plus he’s a badass shaman. :p

  381. enycechris Says:

    My favorite hero is bone fletcher. he is soo awesome sneaking up behind someone and pwning them, well it also include buriza and bfly wid decent amount of Dmg it’ll pwn anything. Its soo easy to get away from people to with wind walk.. the MS is max !

  382. spacemanspliff Says:

    Gordon Freeman, the ever silent protagonist. The crowbar wielding scientist is the new messiah for the gaming generation.

  383. bcdkiller Says:

    I like the Necromancer from Diablo II ^-^, I like the whole Plague sweeping everywhere and killing everything in it’s path :D.

  384. emberstone Says:

    My favorite hero is Pudge.
    I just like to hook and eat people :D.

  385. zero_nikon Says:

    My favorite hero is anyone like a “Paladin”.
    Since D&D im a Paladin addicted. Its kinda reflect my way of life, trying to be a “holy knight” or something like that.
    Off course, i have a Paladin in World of Warcraft and my fav. heros there are Sir Alduin Lothar and Uther the Lightbringer.

    May the Light be with you!

  386. spoon Says:

    My favourite hero is JC Denton from DeusEx.

    Sunglasses at night ^^

  387. pellucidtrends Says:

    Kyle Katarn (Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight)

    The best of both worlds? what’s not to like. The best jedi around.

  388. thomassghs Says:

    I love dota! hook me up!

  389. eworias Says:

    My Favourite is Tidehunter at DotA. The Ultimate Tank even if you only build support item for your team, the enemy can´t ignore you because of this incredible powerfull Ultimate. An Ability who can turn the tide in an 5on5. Also his Krakenshell makes him nearly immune to most kind of Crowd Control.
    Also i have to mention the Warrior in WoW. I think none of the other classes can bring you so much fun in a real boss fight, where youself get enraged and want nothing more than seeing this Boss down.

  390. ak-aveyattack Says:

    dota fuck i need a key

  391. kman_gladiator Says:

    I really love the main character from the games of the Overlord duo. The way that the evil character can project so much charisma without even saying a word astounds me. And yes, I would love a beta key. :D

  392. shiranui Says:

    chrono from chrono trigger. very strong silent type

  393. danielczech Says:

    I would love to get a key to play the beta. Hopefuly I get one, It’s a amazing game, I enjoyed Savage 2 so this will be great.

  394. kryd Says:

    Jim Raynor!

  395. dpince182 Says:

    Since this is a HoN discussion thread I’ll post my favorite game as being DotA. My favorite hero in DotA is Pudge, the Butcher. His skillset and playstyle are unlike any other heroes, as they require timing, precision, and speed in order to execute his deadly hook+rot+dismember combo. I was extremely happy to read that they included a Pudge-esque character in HoN and I would be thrilled to get my hands on a beta key so that I may try him out!

  396. xeroiv Says:

    In Dota my favorite hero was Knight Davion the dragon knight. He makes a very good tank as he has a high HP pool and he has a skill that grants armor and hp regen. He is very good at chasing down other heros later in the game as he can turn into a dragon that gets increased movement speed and a slowing breathe attack. His survivability plus his great offensive skills make him my favorite hero.

  397. iaptgwtegfs Says:

    Ramza Beoulve from Final Fantasy Tactics. Tragically misunderstood and forgotten by history in one of the greatest games ever made. (Here’s to hoping there’s still beta keys left!)

  398. sgtsoap Says:

    This game is great, hopefully I get a key to play beta.

  399. nelber Says:

    I have to agree with the poster above that Thrall is one of my top heroes. Can’t think of THE BEST, but he’s definitely up there.

  400. goshinki89 Says:

    Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes. Just an ordinary guy who ends up in an assassination ranking tournament. Just a dork with a beam katana who kicks butt and tries to get the ladies =)

  401. artanis22 Says:

    My favorite hero in DoTA is Storm,
    Nothing beats flying across the whole map and destroying someone in 3-4seconds…
    Most people don’t even fight back, Just run and are dead before they know what hit em :[

  402. ooxxoo Says:

    Terra from Final Fantasy 3/6. I love the conflict she has due to her heritage and how she evolves as a character throughout the game.

  403. dark-power Says:

    My favorite hero was Gordon Freeman. Ok, so its been posted before but lets face it people no one is as cool as freeman. He gets thrown into events beyond his control and you get to play as him dominating through these problems. Freeman rules people, nuff said.

  404. kirbydude65 Says:

    My video game character is nintendo’s Kirby. Kirby was my first game ever so he automatically ranks high in terms of game characters. He’s also a favorite because of his ability to turn his enemies powers against them. Cuteness is always a plus too.

  405. darvil Says:

    Thanks for the key guys! Loving it so far.

  406. jeanclaudtransam Says:

    My favorite hero is the mage from Diablo 1 cause he was black and there’s not enough black heroes for me to look up to. I wish my dad was a mage and not a postal carrier

  407. micah1510 Says:

    My favorite hero has got to be Broodmother. She was the first hero that I ever played and her orb and I-win-button make her a serious force to be reckoned with.

  408. no.33 Says:

    Fav hero? Probably Visage. Especially with Desolator + Cuirass.

  409. songrui Says:

    my favorite hero is the earthshaker i love how he knocks ppl all over the place

  410. pwas Says:

    My favorite hero has got to be Mario. Come on man, the guy eats shrooms and grows bigger. And he shoots fireballs. Hes like the nintendo version of Goku from Dragonball z.

  411. bobert92x Says:

    My favorite would be Axe from Dota

  412. ethenderith Says:

    My favorite hero by far would have to be the Drow Ranger from DotA. She has an amazing combination of high damage and movement speed slow that is an easy GG if you can even slightly play her.

  413. aikiway Says:

    Oops!, I forgot to state my favorite Char! Kirby FTW!

  414. sgtsoap Says:

    Crap, I forgot to state my favorite game, my favorite game was savage2. It was really fun playing as a builder and lvling

  415. graemyx Says:

    My favorite hero would have to be Vectorman, the man so very few people have ever heard of. He shot tornados out of his hands for pete’s sake! Brings me back to the days when Sega Genesis was the new system :D

  416. curu Says:

    my favorite hero would have to be yurnero, the juggernaut from dota. Besides having the COOLEST ultimate (omnislash), he can also jungle in games, which i find quite fun!

  417. biyabo Says:

    I would say my favorite hero would be Samus, from the Metroid series. She’s a female bounty hunter with a sweet suit and cool weapons. I love it! Thanks in advance for the beta key!

  418. bedo310 Says:

    I’d have to say my favorite hero is Tinker from DotA. Deals a great amount of damage without really risking his life. And is great late game if you know how to play him.

  419. wag Says:

    There were several from the Final Fantasy games that I absolutely loved, especially from six, seven, and eight. I think when it comes down to it, the most emotionally involved I got in a game was Final Fantasy Six for the SNES. If I had to pick a character from that game in particular it would probably be Setzer. Locke gives him a pretty good run for his money and Cyan always pulled on the ole heartstrings but I just always thought that Setzer was cool.

  420. niyon Says:

    Favorite hero: Storm from Dota
    nothing beats a hero who can teleport around the map lategame :)

  421. k8peartree Says:

    Vivi – Final Fantasy IX

  422. stillits Says:

    I like Storm from Dota too.

    To me mobility is VERY important in those type of games.
    If they can’t aim on you, you can’t get hurt right?

  423. boogle Says:

    My favorite hero is Obsidian Destroyer. His ulti can 1-shot people with 2-3 Mystic Staffs.

  424. hydrux Says:

    My favorite hero is Amazon from diablo2.
    pure pwnage with javelins!

  425. kamiyo Says:

    Iono if there are any keys left but…

    My favorite hero would be Crono from Chrono Trigger, because he’s mute, never talks throughout the entire game. and can still get the girl. I mean. that’s pretty awesome. And he runs around slashing people with swords. That’s always a plus.

  426. synide001 Says:

    Rikimaru is my favorite hero in dota because perm invis is way broken.

  427. fragtown Says:

    My fave has to be Chen the holy knight from DOTA. The micro-management of neutral creeps is such a unique element. plus with mek you can always seem to heal!

    Also, Jim Raynor from Starcraft was always a total badass.
    thanks a ton for the key! =]

  428. shinzare Says:

    BlackSmith from Heros of Newerth,Hah,forget that joke.

    My favorite hero is Kel’thuzad from Warcraft III,who devoted his whole life to the Scourge not only when he was alive,but also after his death。His loyal,maybe driven by thirst for power and lore,however,moved me。

  429. ceph Says:

    my favorite would be Link from zelda, all his games were amazing with good story and his brave courage in rescuing the land of Hyrule and saving princess Zelda

  430. kyro27 Says:

    my favorite hero is the goblin techies from dota, because i am from afghanistan and all of my ancestors and myself are suicide bombers…it has really helped me get some practice in before the big BOOM

  431. enfilade Says:

    Gandhi from Civ IV.

    Why? Because Gandhi was the man! And it’s fun doing things he would never do, like instituting slavery to finish world wonders, or rolling over your opponents’ capitals with a fat stack of tanks and infantry.

  432. bobsagets Says:

    After a long thought process, I had to go with Link from the Legend of Zelda series. I bet a lot of people picked him as their favorite as well, but that just goes to show how great he and his adventures really are.

  433. fortheking Says:

    well, i would have to say my favorite hero is mirana from dota, because when you hit an arrow u just get a huge rush knowing that u are going to get that kill. its not easy but when you hit that shot there just isnt a better feeling in the game. beside pudges hook because they are almost the same concept. thx for the advance of the key

  434. sydous Says:

    My favourite hero is tex from under a killing moon.

  435. bowflexbody Says:

    My favorite hero…..

    Well, I would have to say that my Favorite hero would be Pacman. The memories we share with those ghosts are unforgettable.


  436. beastrn Says:

    My favorite hero would have to be Jazz Jackrabbit!

  437. gobrian Says:

    rhasta for the win!
    I would like a key!

  438. moises Says:

    My favorite hero of all time was Raynor from starcraft i loved that game so much it almost took my life i hope i will love HoN too it seems to be great i hope it fulfill my expectations

  439. moises Says:

    ah and i forgot i want a key my favorite hero would be arthas but he turned evil :( damn lich king

  440. moises Says: is my email damn midnight too late i’m forgetting everything

  441. moises Says:

    sorry to post my email anson

  442. trinityblood Says:

    K so fav hero would have to be Juggernaut from DotA.
    “Pronunciation: \ˈjə-gər-ˌnȯt, -ˌnät\
    Definition: A massive inexorable force, campaign, movement, or object that crushes whatever is in its path”
    Just like the name says if played correctly he can tear up any opposition. His blade fury is great for farming/hero kills. His crit is small but procs often. Healing ward which makes him almost immune to damage. And to top it all his ulty “omnislash” is a guaranteed hero kill when you catch 1 or 2 unlucky opponents by themselves. There’s nothing better then a well played jug. And the opposition qq’ing is music to my ears =).

  443. zacaron Says:

    Hey just nuts for the keyy!!!

  444. arkane Says:

    Ah, my favorite hero has to be the protagonist from Persona 3. He’s a casanova, a genius, and a badass (canon ending of the game). He forges bonds with the people around him that last a lifetime and hold together even in the face of true death itself.

    Confronting his own fear of death, he, when the apocalypse and end of all life as we know it comes, he sacrifices everything and himself to protect those who are important to him. At the end, he finds his answer to life, his reason for living – and then slips into his last final peaceful rest after saying goodbye to all those he loved.

    Frankly, the game’s ending made me cry. It was beautiful, but somber at the same time. I’ve never felt so attached to, but even more so like I was the actual character himself to a video game character, ever.

  445. rificz Says:

    My favorite hero has to be Samus from Metroid. She is such a unique character and is very interesting. A powersuit hero made for a dota type game would be very interesting and fun to play due to the multitude of power suit abilities that could be made.

  446. guantann Says:

    My favorite hero would have to be Admiral from DotA. Probably one of my best heroes in the game. I love the fact that he can carry an entire team in the game, and I believe that fits his description as “the captain of the seas.” To be such a great commander, he requires skill to maximize his potential as well, the timing of his boat, the timing of his torrents, etc.

    I have played dota for 3 years, and would really love to test out this new game HoN. Please send one my way, I’d greatly appreciate it.


  447. defrath Says:

    My favorite Hero from any game would have to be Zero from the Megaman X series. When I was a child I found his armor to be amazing looking and in the first 3 games his superiority was apparent. Being an incredible ally to X but at the same time being the very creation to destroy X. He contains the most powerful virus in the series within his frame. It being powerful as it is the reason why Reploids go Maverick, and why Sigma, a once respected and powerful Maverick hunter, became the antagonist of the series for 9 adaptions.

    I would absolutely love to have my own accessible account in HoN, as I’ve only experienced it on my friends account. I must say it’s an incredible replication of DotA and I cannot see myself playing DotA in the future with this game in my posession.

  448. hanner Says:

    My favorite hero has to be Drow Ranger from DotA, she is perfect :D

  449. baldamor Says:

    I think my fav hero in a game is definitely Illidan Stormrage. Although he is made out to be the bad guy in WoW, he plays some heroic roles in the Warcraft III campaigns. He has amazing power and his determination is awe inspiring. His anger makes him a very interesting anti hero (And eventually an enemy :*().

    Defrath and I are both friends who play DotA often and find this game the most appealing out of the multiple games based around DotA’s gameplay (Demigod, Leage of legends, etc.)

    Thanks in advance!

  450. looter Says:

    Favorite hero in a game is Bloodseeker from DotA.

    1) He can silence enemys with his skill, downside to this is that they gain more damage.
    2) He can regain a percentage of the creep/enemy’s HP, each kill.
    3) Get buffed when an enemy is at low health.
    4) His ult makes it hard for the enemy to escape… more you move, more damage it deals.

  451. looter Says:

    Btw been playing dota for about 3-4 years.. I would love to receive a beta key for HoN to try it out.

  452. arathorn Says:

    My fav hero: Leshrac (torm. soul) from dota. Nice nukes, strong for gangs…
    From other games, elves. Skilled in magic, but in battle too o_O. Like in linux game PlaneShift, there are Dermorians.
    I hope i will recieve HoN beta key, thx :)

  453. rikimarustaelthasassin Says:

    My favorite hero is Rikimaru from DotA because he gets permanent invisibility after level 6. You cant kill what you cant see, right? But he can kill you ;-)

  454. gelu Says:

    My fav hero: Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank. He’s the man, err Lombax? Anyways he always has crazy guns that are tons of fun to play around with.

  455. insomniak Says:

    My fav hero is Bloodseeker from DotA, being able to easily dominate and subdue opponents is awesome. Looking forward to playing HoN, hope i can get a key. Thanks

  456. V_R_ Says:

    my fav is Light Source in Diablo 2. decked out in pvp items!!!

  457. goblin77 Says:

    “I’ll rip off your head and … down your throat.”

    Duke Nukem
    HoN key please.

  458. helbers Says:

    I like pandas, they are fluffy…
    HoN key please.

  459. littor Says:

    Link is the one time favourite.

    HoN key please.. ;)

  460. grimreaver Says:

    I like DK Cause its awsome to be a dragon an his lvl 16 ulti is unstopable.. he is pawnage
    hope i can get a key

  461. neo Says:

    My favourite hero is Invoker from DotA because he has the most number of spells in DotA and he has a cool soundset and model.

    I really want to try out the game, hope I can get a key. Thanks.

  462. waere Says:

    Tanya in Red Alert 3, nothing more fun then turning an entire game around by doing a Tanya drop and watching your opponent cry.

  463. tas0s Says:

    Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell Series.He was a very good Solid Snake alternative :P
    Hope I can get a key.Thank you very much!

  464. gef Says:

    My favorite video games Hero is Professor Tim from “The Incredible Machine” series :D (Windows only, now an abandonware). Bglasses, mad look, red tie and blue pants, yeah, a good old scientist. He spends days building incredibles machines to move a mouse from point A (home) to point B (cheese) across, launch fireworks, and make toasts. Plenty of meer fun !

    Anyway, my (half-)Linux hero would be Sarge from Quake 3 for his undefeatable combativeness !

    Hope there are keys left…

  465. sberends Says:


    I’d have to say my favorite hero is Lo Wang from Shadow Warrior. “You wanta wash Lo Wang?”

  466. kunq Says:

    Man this is hard to decide, but I’ll go with Auron from Final Fantasy X. How much more awesome can you get with a big-ass swords like that :D

  467. Sina Says:

    Even though I’m a big fan of Linux games, my favorite game hero is still – and has always been- Link, from the Legend of Zelda series.

    Ever since I heard about HoN I’ve been trying to follow up on the progress of the game making, and I’ve got to say -hands down – I’m actually impressed. Now I’m a major DoTA fan, but I still have trouble deciding if I should buy HoN later or just simply stick to DoTA. Trying this beta version out will help me alot, and I can probably answer alot of questions some friends have aswell!

    Thanks in advance.

    (Did I try to hard?)

  468. obbeskrutt Says:

    I’d have to go with Manny from Grim Fandango. The guy just radiates personality, and his voice-actor is doing such a remarkable job bringing the character to life.
    His way of clothing, the awesome one-liners, the humor… It’s all so damn well written. Added to the wonderful narrative seen in Grim Fandango, Manny Calavera is clearly the best game character ever made imo.

  469. hyperacid Says:

    The best hero by far is the Heroi(ine) from Fable as in it shows a realistic hero and how they would act. Each action that they take will effect overall how everyone in the world effects them. Choices they choose, effect the way others perceive these people. Choices can be good or bad, generally you think of a hero as good, but as you’ve seen some Heroes over the years, their allignment can sometimes change, which is generally a shock to the world. But the game itself shows that if your trying to be a good and spectacular hero you cannot just mindless chop villagers to bits.

  470. groo Says:

    Hope I’m not to late.

    Best game hero is…

    Roger Wilco (Of Space Quest fame)

  471. merpz Says:

    Best game hero is Centaur warchief (dota wc3) hes imba ;)

  472. rabb1t. Says:

    Best game hero is Bowzer from Mario series. No doubt

  473. murrayy Says:

    Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate!

    I love the old Monkey Island games. Btw: Tales of Monkey Island works perfect with wine ; )

  474. millzo Says:

    I do love Sid from ice age, hes so cool but so dorky, haha thanks <3

  475. zokocx Says:

    For me every melee hero best one Barbarian in Diablo series… like narrator says “ther is no such thing like too much power, and power is noting without control”

  476. marmotte Says:

    I like fast all heroes, i just dislike invisible heroes….

  477. kryd Says:

    Sephiroth, FinalFantasy VII as the best “bad guy hero” ever <3
    He´s just an amazing Charakter (and swordsmen as well).

  478. wade123 Says:

    how awesome is mortred. Critical strike and blink ftw!

  479. lazslo123 Says:

    i think riki is awsome with his perma invis (Stealth FTW!)

  480. st3ve Says:

    Sand king his ulti pawns all!!

  481. ChaoticMind Says:

    My favorite character is probably gonna have to be April Ryan from The Longest Journey, which is an adventure game from 1997. Her character was so witty and adorable!

    Also Guybrush Threepwood :)

  482. ugge Says:

    Minsc from the Baldurs Gate series, I mean who doesn’t like a ravening lunatic with a hamster to bring destruction upon his enemies! Also he has really badass tattoos, which always is a bonus in my opinion.

  483. fobthebuilder Says:

    My favourite hero is the Invoker from DotA simply because he is reliant on player skill rather than simple right click heroes. The prospect of that challenge is very satisfying when you do it right =]. He can be absolutely horrible or completely game breaking in clashes. I really hope to try the ‘Invoker’ hero in HoN once he is available! The enhanced graphics and faster gameplay… Chaos Meteor *drool*

  484. geoph Says:

    The best Hero is obviously Link from the Zelda series of games.

  485. shitlala Says:

    tauren from dota!! He rock !! pls gimme the beta key!! pls~~

  486. shitlala Says:

    Besides that, i think tata batrider r oso good!! all new heroes from dota damn gay!! skill, dmg, hp, mana make me very happy!! I hope i can have the beta key pls!

  487. ericzon Says:

    Deckard Caine from Diablo 2, he’s always there to tell you a thrilling tale from the past, or identify your items. A real friend!

  488. shitlala Says:

    Tauren have a great area effect skill and quite a dmg too, the stun is absolutely longer than anyone else but th weakness is when some1 hit the stunned hero, it will wake up~~ he can be supportive as well wif his 3rd skill of reducing ppls armor!! Batrider is also a good killer wif a high base dmg at early game and all its skill cost only a little bit of mana, killing hero for him is jus a piece of cake. Beside tat, his skill firefly can easily escape, make it fly through cliff and creep. Im having fun wif tis 2 heroes~ Hope i can get the beta key~ linuxgames rox!! XD

  489. dreylad Says:

    Dogmeat, from Fallout, would have to be my favourite video game character. Unlike the other NPCs he is a loyal companion throughout the game, a kindred spirit when wandering the wastes. He’s brave, pretty strong and if you build him right, he can even take down super mutants! Plus he reminds me of my seeing-eye dog, Patrick. ^_^

  490. ruglie Says:

    Guybrush Threepwood. He handles every situation with style, no matter what. A true hero!

  491. ripperz Says:

    Mario because he’s a cool character, has been in loads of amazing games, wants to save the princess for a bit of action, he’s a plumber so he’s handy in any situation, he has a twin brother for backup and he is italian so he obviously likes good food.

  492. linn Says:

    Raigor Stonehoof, Earthshaker from DOTA
    This hero requires high skill.. I like him cuz he is quite hard to counter.. His main offensive skill has very high range. It can be used to stun and block enemies. His ultimate, Echo Slam, is the epitome of anti-push. Late-game, he can wipe out teams in a blink of an eye. Support, antipusher, ganger, whatever…

  493. ansuzzz Says:

    My favorite hero is definantly Krob from Dota. She is extremely versatile and hard to kill. She is also capable of great damage if played correctly and her Ulti rocks!

  494. nakedfish Says:

    Luna from dota. Just good fun :D

  495. anal3 Says:

    Hello. My favourite hero is Sniper. He’s easy to lasthit with.

    Gief beta key <3

  496. jorman Says:

    Megaman 1 is my fav game but yeah. Actually I like dota a lot and I have many favorite heros to play. Maybe earthshaker is the best though. I heard there is ES in HoN too. Cant wait to try it out!

  497. yeahadonis Says:


    I personally love the troll with deso then vlads then bfly melee build it’s awesome.

  498. antisoc Says:

    hey I like axe cause hes so imba and pew åpew

  499. savagefan Says:

    If dota revolucionary warcraft what would do a new engine!??
    need that key!

  500. abidibs Says:

    My favorite hero has to be Metroid because she’s a girl, and she’s tough :).
    I also love warcraft. I’d love that key :)

  501. ferazu Says:

    My favourite character has to be Undying. Get him a early bloodstone and then a heart and be all the enemies worst nightmare.

    Please give me a beta key :)

  502. bremarv Says:

    I like the elementalist or whatever he is called, the one that can combine spells to get other spells, not that I am any good with him or any other heroes.
    A key would be nice.

  503. allinori Says:

    thrall for sure.
    very OP

  504. fezz Says:

    I like most support heroes, but if I have to say one I guess I choose rhasta, he can make a huge difference in team battles

    could use a key ;)

  505. uhhster Says:

    i want keY!!!

  506. sakryd Says:

    my favorite would be Ada wong from Resident Evil 4, a hot girl shooting undead =P

  507. krugz Says:

    HON FTW!
    Need Key! =D

  508. markou- Says:

    Mirana from DotA, she is just awesome with her arrow and shit =)

  509. kgrette Says:

    Gordon Freeman. Saving the world with a crowbar and PHYSICS.

  510. taknarian Says:

    My favorite video game character? Well I’d actually have to go with Irvine Kinneas from Final Fantasy VIII. The fact of the matter is… he knew when to fight and knew when to run. So what if he couldn’t shoot Edea? That’s because out of ALL THE OTHERS, he actually still had a damn memory.

  511. euripylos Says:

    My favorite video game is Monkey Island series, becouse there’s Guybrush ofc, since i was a kid i was playing that game and all lucas graphic advendure games, but Monkey Island have always a little place on my earth… and.. hey! Guybrush is an hell fun :D watchout! a 3 head monkey on your back!!!!

  512. atomicchinchilla Says:

    I seem to be 411 comments too late, but Claymen from The Neverhood is my all time favorite character.

  513. commissioned Says:

    MY favorite is definitely monkey island, i luved that game!

  514. commissioned Says:

    scratch that, Riki has to be the best looking character in dota, and easily the most noob friendly, and he looks awesome = P

  515. swatt Says:

    Its a toss up between Samus and Link. Along with Mario those are the heroes I grew up with. Ultimately I think Link wins out simply because I’ve been more emotionally compelled by the stories around the Zelda series than the Metroid games.

    Hope there is a key left for me! Thanks for your consideration!

  516. itsbirna Says:

    my favorite is storm spirit from dota. he is so cool!

  517. vitaumd Says:

    My favorite hero is Naga Siren in Dota… She was one of the first heroes i have played and i really enjoy hey ability to kill rapidly if you managed to make the right itens…. also her ultimate saves the whole team if you manage to use it correctly… sooooo… thats her ^^

  518. dantes Says:

    my favorite hero is krobelus. she is one of the few int heroes that can kill almost any hero in a long game

  519. zendor Says:

    I’d really be interested in trying out HON and providing my feedback as a tester; so I really do thank you if you’re able to provide me a key.

    My favorite character has to be Gordon Freeman from HL. How often do you get to thrash monsters with a crowbar as a physicist. Not to mention he wears glasses. A protagonist with glasses :)


  520. andretheesexy Says:

    my favorite hero in dota would have to be bane elemental.
    he is excellent at supporting a team,
    and is excellent at ganking by himself.
    his sleeps can easily end a chase, and help out fellow teamates.
    please send me a HoN beta key.
    thank you!

  521. barbantinho Says:

    My favorite character is Diablo II Lightning PVP Mage – teleport > nova > pewpew!

  522. barbantinho Says:

    early versions that is ;)

  523. blahblah Says:

    my favorite hero is max payne

    can i has beta key?

  524. maarek Says:

    Baba Yaga from Quest For Glory, because I too have a horribly misshapen head and my home primarily consists of chicken parts.

  525. torn420 Says:

    My favorite is probably Link from the Zelda series. Or Arthas from WC.

  526. cogan7 Says:

    My favorite is the tinker from 3 cors

  527. backforrevenge Says:

    my fav hero is naix cause i can tank kill and get spell immunity and if all those dont work i can infest

  528. kacetado Says:

    can i have a key? or someone send me an invite to

    thnks =)


  529. kev3458 Says:

    My recent favourite is Alex Mercer from the Prototype series. Dark and mysterious. But powerful.

  530. gty Says:

    i loved stealth assassin from dota. its like doing on everyone`s back and full of win yay

  531. krispy Says:

    Mario was my first man crush.

  532. nubadubscrub Says:

    favorite hero is pudge in dota. hooking people is always fun!

  533. bleeq Says:

    favorite hero is Storm un dota. linkens+BS+sheep stick+orchid = unlimited mana =D = total ownage

  534. gaurdians.unheeded Says:

    To be honest, I love play Abaddon. His Ulti is just godly for getting the hell out of a gank, and I love the shield and coil combo. I normally just save for a Ring ‘o health right off the bat, then go for a void stone and perseverance, and bloodstone after. Makes for a fun game IMO

  535. gatsu3 Says:

    One of my favorite Heroes was Grom Hellscream of the orcs in the Warcraft series.

  536. minigun Says:

    My favourite hero in DoTA is Priestess of the Moon. Her arrow flies so elegantly that it is impossible to look away. Her StarFall is like miracle. So when I play DoTA, PoTM cheers me up. Oh, nearly has not forgotten about its fine jump. In general it is my most favourite hero, But I hope that I will find in HoN good replacement to PoTM.

  537. omgwtfbbq Says:

    Love Dota, and favourite hero would have to be the meepo! That little guy is an A class character if you use him right(and have a good game). The graphics do let it down, but the playability is awsome. Hope HoN is just as awsome as DotA on the WC3 engine!

  538. reibuorumai Says:

    Cleraly the greatest hero of all is the linux mascot Tux, leading the fight for open-source programs, GPL freedoms and showing other penguins that they can indeed fly too if they try hard enough ;_; (tuxracer)

  539. unrealll Says:

    TEEMO from heroes of newerth’s competitor, League of Legends. Mainly because its fun to just say, TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  540. Knotas Says:

    My favorite hero is totaly super mario! funny and sensitive ;)

  541. siodroon Says:

    My favorite is definitely earthshaker from DoTA.
    he’s kind of a group character, tho all his attacks are stuns.
    I don’t really know what it is about him, but i really like that character.
    hope he exist in HoN and is as fun to play in HoN as DoTA!

  542. bstrueb Says:

    Pitlord on DoTA

  543. s1mii Says:

    Pudge from DoTa
    meathook = kewl

  544. crany Says:

    Can you sent me a Key please? I would really appreciate it! (:

  545. crany Says:

    my favourite Hero is Earthshaker!

    He is a good supporter if played well, and can block paths to keep enemies away, or the seperate them from their team and get easy targets ;) Best thing is his ultimate and if other ppl always stick to creep waves xD

  546. oblivion19 Says:

    i’ve got a problem with HoN. I cannot see any games on Game List. Only once I saw and I joined one of them, but now i dunno what’s the problem. I’ve reinstalled HoN; there isn’t any filters applied. Someone could tell me how to resolve this?

  547. lucky Says:

    Gordon Freeman from Half-life and Half-life2 first time i played it was so awesome to fight smart marines and aliens at the same time

  548. gte879p Says:

    My favorite hero was Tux the penguin as a custom character model for Quake 3 arena. I loved having him spread the gospel of the superior operating system online. And felt awesome at beating Xero as the plucky little penguin with a rocket launcher.

    If I need a more canonical hero, I loved Sam, from Sam and Max. Funny heroes are the best heroes!

  549. melchior123 Says:

    My favorite hero in any game was Red from Pokemon Red/Fire Red. He was a total badass who took crap from nobody and if he needed to he would whip out his pikachu and melt faces off with him. Then later in the silver ages, you level all your pokemon up only to find the guy in a freaking cave just being a complete badass with a level 80 pikachu and a ton of other awesome Pokemon.

  550. xterminator666 Says:

    I’ve got a couple of favrite heroes but the one I like the most is Rastha in Dota is a good team hero with his vodoo and shackles and can get a lot of kills with his serpants, if you play them right.

  551. g_pal Says:

    My favourite hero is from Dota Allstars – Rikimaru he’s so sneaky and very agile… has nice skills and can be very hard to defeat if u know how to manage his moves and powers. :P

  552. davidnguyen Says:

    The greatest hero of all time has to be Spiderman for me. If anyone remember the animated series then you’ll remember how much that tv show kicked ass. I still spend a majority of my time on youtube searching old episodes.

  553. moupaxolu Says:


    Bad ass… the movie scene where he tosses awhale just got me…

    PS: All my friends got the beta keys. I would really appreciate to be able to join them. Tks.

  554. behind Says:

    Mi favourite hero is from Dota Allstars – Witch Doctor,because his skill is very fantastic(MALEFICT)^^
    I love Dota Allstars and I will love Heroes Of Newerth

  555. jinxedd Says:

    Always liked the necromancer from D2. despite his lack of usefulness in the game

  556. bigfoot382 Says:

    favourite hero is the blademaster from WC3. I just like how you can use it to charge in head first and have an easy escape route with windwalk.

  557. zauers Says:

    my favorite character is solid snake! this guy is awasome!

  558. wlzyan Says:

    All my friends got the beta keys. I would really appreciate to be able to join them.

  559. ac1drain- Says:

    my fav char is Rhasta , so imba hero with so much disables , i would realy aprriciate it if i will get a beta key , cause i wanna play with my friends , here’s my email tnx ya ppl

  560. brandonizzy Says:

    I like the Phantom Lancer best. I think he is a good ganker and can cause a good amount of confusion. Also has one of the best get away maneuvers in game. Hes fun to play and when I play I like using him.

  561. zorrento Says:

    Forgive, I like this game much, and dota!, I need a beta keys, someone can give me one?

    Thank you

  562. bigman Says:

    My Favorite Hero is Omni Knight. He’s a great support char that can swing games of DotA back form loosing (A hard thing to do). I’d love to get a chance to help Beta test HoN, I have a few friends that play it and say that the Omni type character in HoN is even better.


  563. andyseraph Says:

    My favorite hero is nevermore,he’s so imba and evil.A good player can make it be a bug

  564. orsontan Says:

    my favorite hero in dotA is morphling,
    he’s a good hero, he can do great dmg to enemies, and pushes creeps very fast.
    he’s good with 2 butterflies, treads, 2 hearts, shivas, and linkens
    please send me a beta key, my email address is

  565. akiba Says:

    hi There..

    im a Big Fan of Dota since last 5 years.. i want to play Heroes of newearth cause my friend told my its cool..
    i want to try it too see it for my self..

    my favorite hero in dota is tinker,mirana,sven

    please send me a beta key, this is my email address tnx!!

  566. goodtimes Says:

    Hi guys..

    heard about the remade of DotA, i’ve seen it and i’d like to try it.
    I am also a DotA addict.. can u guys give me a beta key so i could try it?

    Thanks’s my email..
    can’t wait to try it.. =)

  567. isdirft Says:

    Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys!
    Thanks !I am here waiting for you . my email:

  568. isdirft Says:

    Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys!

  569. solrac_nz Says:

    please a beta key thanks

  570. arvinsicat10 Says:

    betakeys pls can i have 1.

  571. zackwell Says:

    can i have a beta key plzzzz…… im begging you plzz….

  572. zackwell Says:

    this my email plzzz…

  573. bolpen69 Says:

    Please send me a betakey.. thank you very much for your very kind consideration! :)


  574. johnvictor Says:

    hi pleade send me beta key… i really love to play the HON, my friends had already their account on this game… im badly jealos to them… i really want to play this game,,, plsss send me beta key.. email me…

  575. elisel123 Says:

    hey ..i love 2 play HON…but i dont have beta key, so please send me beta key … all my friends had a beta key and im the one dnt hav beta key …im soo jealous to them ..even my GF hav it … email me pls.

  576. elisel123 Says:

    im so very jealous …help me send me a beta key …email me .

  577. elisel123 Says:

    my brain is gonna pump out ..if i dnt hav beta keys …

  578. jerick026 Says:

    i just love dota thats all.. ive been wanting to play HoN the first time i saw it…please send me the beta key so i can play and have fun with the game..thanks..

    here is my email add.

  579. qwerty12 Says:

    hi! im fun of HON but im late posting here to get beta key

    but pls i would like to receive beta key thi is may email:

    im sincerely waiting, thank you.

  580. sherlock555 Says:

    hey friend:
    i want try to play HON
    can you give me a beta key
    thank you very much

  581. catalyst2 Says:

    i love playing dota.. i would like to try out the new HON.. pls send me the free beta key so i can also try it out.. thx..

  582. catalyst2 Says:

    here is my email..

  583. jonimae123 Says:

    i need beta key please can you send to my email i love this game i want to play it so please

  584. sarceno20 Says:

    i need beta key,,can you send to my email?…thanks..

  585. icedog15 Says:

    Hi i would like HoN beta key….emial to…thanks

  586. trabella02 Says:

    hi i would like to play HON….but i dont have any beta key…please email me….thanks….really love this game..

  587. damnok Says:

    Please Help me have my own Beta Key… I am From Philippines and i got the chance to see the “heroes of Newerth” in youTube. Wow it really amaze me… i have already DL “Hon” the Problem is i don’t have Beta Key…. Many Dota Players here are Interested Playing this game……..

    Please send me a Beta Key…… Please.. thank you………………………………….

    Nice Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  588. ricrey Says:

    Hi!!! i worked overseas and travel the world and played a lot of video games and i just found out about this game 3 days ago and limping my way to find a beta key,, i hope that this post of mine can give me a chance to have a beta key,, my email add


  589. jiangzhou828 Says:

    My firend,I play dota for some years,and now i know some information about HON,i think it’swonderful,so I really want to play it, and i need a beta key,can you send one to my e-mail?Thanks very

  590. udkdragon Says:

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  591. Shinta Says:

    Sir, Can I have a Beta Key if you don’t mind to… Just wanna play your CooL game thank you sir…

  592. emozai09 Says:

    Hi, Im a big fan of dota have been for a couple years now and still am(I still play it daily). Im a gamer at heart so i love all types of games especially this dota remake aka HoN. graphics are nice just a nice upgrade overall from the game on the wc3 engine. Also i have a couple buddies that i would like to game and own it up with. Id really appreciate a chance to play the game before it hits the market.
    Thanks for your time and Good Gaming!

  593. honwarrior Says:

    I love playing HoN

  594. honwarrior Says:

    it’s a really great game

  595. r2cc1993327 Says:

    l love palying HON

  596. qiheaton Says:

    That’s a great game. More cleaner than DOTA. I also like your team game Savage2. I really wan’t to try the HON.thanks for the Key.

  597. arang04 Says:

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  598. verosik Says:

    Pls send key

  599. ryan10000 Says:

    hi^^ can i have a beta key?^^ Becuz i really like to play DotA/HoN i already tried it once by using my clasm8’s account pls^^ I may be already addicted/inlove to dat game even though i just played it once hehe (dats really embarassing) so pls give me the experience thrill bond and enjoyment to play HoN^^ my e-mail is… THANK YOU TO YOU SIR^^

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  602. lemone Says:

    My favorite hero was Yurnero from dota, coz his so awsome and I love slashing my enemies with his powerful omnislash. I really like his skills, blade fury, critical attack, and again, omnislash. Yurnero is a real character of a savage swordsman! God bless this site and pleassee, give me some beta key for hon, thank you!

  603. ldosvne Says:

    My favorite hero is definantly windrunner from Dota. She is extremely versatile and hard to kill. She is also capable of great damage if played correctly. Thanks for the key.

  604. nick123 Says:

    I want beta key^.^

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