Sauerbraten 20090504

May 11th, 2009 by Crusader

A new release of the FPS game Cube 2: Sauerbraten has been announced:

  • new playermodel, IronSnout X10K
  • new weapon models
  • new sound track
  • new splash screen and logo
  • 28 new multiplayer maps!
  • 1 new singleplayer map
  • new “protect” and “insta protect” game modes
  • bots that work for both MP and offline play
  • ragdoll physics
  • texture blending and new flame/smoke particles for map editing
  • in-game movie recording and also PNG screenshots
  • new engines features like ZIP archive support, better grass, pre-compressed DXT1/3/5 textures for faster loading, fixed-function shadowmaps & dynamic lights, low cost blob shadows, particle culling, faster shader loading, revised post-process effect system, and more
  • support for custom server ports, server passwords, public key crypto, and server-init.cfg for easier server configs

If you’re interested in player-created content, it’s archived at Quadropolis, including this amazing re-creation of the original USS Enterprise.

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  2. redchaos Says:

    Wow! Quite a big update! DL’ing it right now! Sauerbraten has always been a good game, only the players that suck. Thanks alot anyways!

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