Linux Game Publishing Sale

May 7th, 2009 by Crusader

Linux Game Publishing fired in the following notice:

We are just over 9 hours away from the LGP flash sale where all standard edition game prices will be set to just 9 pounds. Sale starts at midnight UK time and lasts for 24 hours only. Resellers will receive further discounts when they login to their accounts.

8 Responses to “Linux Game Publishing Sale”

  1. ThoreauHD Says:

    Picked up a few games. I lost an old one, and decided to try out a couple more.

  2. M1AU Says:

    Me too. 9 GBP for a game was quite a good deal.

  3. totalizator Says:

    I’m so so mad that I have missed this ! For a month I can’t make up my mind on buying Sacred because I think the price is too high and now this :(

  4. nille Says:

    Check it out at tuxgames they have a sale for $18

  5. totalizator Says:

    Hey man ! Thanks for the info :) Finally I bought at good (reasonable) price.

  6. nille Says:

    Your welcome :)

  7. ThoreauHD Says:

    Well this shipped the games out pretty quick. That X3 game looks really nice graphically. Hell if I know how to play it, but just staring at it makes me happy.

  8. nille Says:

    ThoreauHD you got your games already?
    I’m still waiting :(
    But i think it might take some time since i guess they had allot of orders to ship.

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