Now Boarding 1.2

April 19th, 2009 by Crusader

Indie game developer Gabob has announced Now Boarding 1.2 for Linux:

Now Boarding is an action-tycoon game focused on running an airport. Create calm from chaos in a busy airport. Get your passengers to the correct destination before they freak out.

The team at Airways Airlines needs help to keep their airport open! Their airport is going to be closed if they don’t get some help quick. Take charge and get the airport running smooth. Pick up and drop off passengers to a growing number of destinations. The passengers get angry the longer they wait, so get them home before they freak out. Hire employees by choosing from a variety of fun characters. Lead the team to success.

  • Master the new “pickup-and-deliver” gameplay (think Travelling Salesman)
  • Renovate and make the terminal look fantastic
  • Grow and expand across the world over 5 episodes
  • 4 game modes: Career, Free Play, Challenge and Survival
  • Earn High Scores, Unlockables and Achievements


  • New Caribbean map with 16 new cities to explore.
  • Faster performance, for when your terminal gets crazy with too many passengers.
  • See what cities are growing or shrinking at the end of each month.

Now Boarding is $9.99 (USD) as digital download purchase.

Demo Download: [ ]

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