Dyson 1.20

April 19th, 2009 by Crusader

Dyson, an abstract real-time strategy title, is now at version 1.20 (thanks SlickMcRunfast), which adds the features demonstrated at the Independent Games Festival. There’s also a new interview with the developer, Alex May, about the game at TIGSource:

Leigh: Your most recent game Dyson was a finalist for the Seumas McNally grand prize, it started off as an entry in one of the frequently held competitions here on TIGSource, were you surprised at the reaction its received?

Alex: Yes, but also no, in a way. I think I also speak for Rudolf when I say that the response we’ve received has changed the way we think about our work. Personally, I was surprised that so many people could enjoy our game, which I considered to be flawed and incomplete in every aspect. However, we ourselves tried hard to create something a little surprising, so it is good to see that people are finding that refreshing.

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  1. qubodup Says:

    There’s also an (open source) clone: Quantum [FG review]

  2. tracius01 Says:

    you need mono, yuck im not gona touch it

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