NAEV 0.3.8

April 13th, 2009 by Crusader

Thanks to a reader for letting us know about NAEV, a 2d space game that combines elements from the action, RPG and simulation genres. Changes in the most recent version (0.3.8):

  • Nebulae generation speed up by a factor of 3.
  • Lua console implemented.
  • You can now bribe planets.
  • Debris implemented.
  • News is implemented.
  • New graphics.
  • New missions.
  • New songs.
  • New systems.
  • New graphic.
  • Fixed planet lighting.
  • Remodelled the entire ship spawning system.
  • Incorporated map into the mission computer and mission information window.
  • Changed how map markers work.
  • AI improvements.
  • You can now make the game window scale itself with “scalefactor = 2.” in your conf file.
  • Lua documentation actually works and is used now.
  • Made Lua API more segfault safe.
  • More Lua API.
  • Fixed the outstanding crash at takeoff bug.
  • Misc bug fixes.
  • Windows port.

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