EVO Smart Console

April 3rd, 2009 by TimeDoctor

Linux Devices has the scoop on the “EVO Smart Console” being available for pre-order. I’m pretty happy to see that they’re advertising support for Tremulous:

Envizions announced that it is taking orders for an open-source Linux gaming system, and will start shipping beta units to game developers, resellers, and software partners on April 10. The EVO Smart Console is based on a 2.4GHz Athlon, and includes a Fedora-based Linux distro.

I’m curious though, how they’re implementing the gamepad support for Tremulous as I’ve only recently started investigating support for gamepads in ioquake3.

Perhaps as a friend suggested they’re using a gamepad-axis-to-mouse-movement converter piece of software. I can’t imagine that will work anywhere near as well as real support. Oh well. Lets hope it isn’t vaporware and that they submit patches back to the original authors of the code they use.

Update 1: Ok I’m calling bullshit and probable scam on this thing, check out this goofy statement on the page where they list out some Linux games:

SuperTux on the Evo Console is a really great sidestroke game!

And the whois is to some random guy named Derrick Samuels in Alabama with an AOL address. There is an office there, but who knows if they’re doing anything but counting their money and seeking more investors.

I can’t find anyone else associated with it besides the guy who is listed in the whois contact. While I’m all for small business, no real business that can ship consoles is going to have an AOL e-mail address or only one employee. This is speculation beyond the fact that there isn’t anything else behind Envizions that I can find. No other people or locations or even any hands-on press accounts of the console itself.

Yes, someone could easily make their own small form factor PC these days, load some software, and sell it. However, all my internet detective work says scam. Do not give Derrick Samuels your money unless you read a hands-on review of this thing that is positive from a legitimate site.

We’ll update you guys later if we find out anything more about it. I would very much like to be wrong.

7 Responses to “EVO Smart Console”

  1. Andre4s Says:

    The look of that thing makes me scared!

  2. sinister13 Says:

    The GNU/Linux version of the console will have no wireless card and no SD card reader.

  3. qubodup Says:

    Pretty sure it’s scam: See my post on it.

    Recommendation to change the blog post tile to contain “VAPORWARE” in it. :)

  4. rob Says:

    Birds of a feather…..

  5. kult Says:

    Hmmm folks am I the only one who pay attention to the date of this new console?

  6. Svartalf Says:

    Can you say “Phantom”, kids?

    Sure…I knew you could.

    All joking aside, this looks like a low-profile HTPC case with an AthlonX2 mobo slapped in it. :-D

  7. qubodup Says:

    I again ask you to make the scam more obvious. Many people won’t even read the text but just click the links. Please put a big fat SCAM ALERT at the top of this post :|

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