Invite-Only Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Leaked

April 1st, 2009 by TimeDoctor


If you’re interested in the best in men’s clothing, you’re interested in Unreal Tournament 3.

Unreal Tournament 3’s fine selection of wares begins and never stops.

It is on.

It is gold.

It is...Unreal Tournament 3.

(I got fired at Happy Penguin and am now working for Men’s Warehouse.)

3 Responses to “Invite-Only Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Leaked”

  1. Logy Says:

    I’m tempted to download it just to a) waste somebody’s bandwidth, and b) see what the big joke is, but I’m afraid the big joke is a huge tarball full of goat porn or something.

  2. sc3252 Says:

    Goat porn you say… Maybe I will have to give this a download.
    I started to download it myself, until I realized that it isn’t a “Epic” website site. I will probably download it anyways, just to waste att bandwidth.

  3. dorpsgek Says:


    Thnx for the idea, ive made a script to make a loop to download, delete it and download it again.

    Just to waste the bandtwith.

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