Caster Linux Testers Needed

March 8th, 2009 by Crusader

We received the following call for testers regarding the new 3D action game Caster:

Caster for Linux is now coming to a stage to do some limited closed beta testing- I’ve been beating on it with a few configurations and it seems pretty good, though I’ve got one or two things left to do to make me happy with the end result.

Therefore, because it’s close, I’m placing a request for testers on this and several other sites- the window is until Monday of next week

If you’re interested in doing a bit of testing for about 1-2 weeks here fairly quickly, please send a request to indicating your system configuration, including CPU speed, graphics card, distribution, etc.

The current target system is:

  • 1GHz X86 or better
  • 128Mb of RAM
  • An OpenGL 1.1 capable card. (Heh… This doesn’t do anything ‘fancy’ so it should probably do “okay’ even with a GMA950 with the right CPU pushing it…)

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