Maugeter for NWN

March 8th, 2009 by Crusader

Rock, Paper, Shotgun pointed out the release of a new mod for Neverwinter Nights, Maugeter: The Keys to the City:

Maugeter is a low-level, low-combat module set in a unique fantasy world. It is a classic tale – you are a nondescript child of farmers who has travelled to the big city in search of adventure, or money, or fame, or power. The big difference is that you are not the foretold one, there’s no prophecy and you won’t be saving the world. This module is about exploring, meeting interesting characters and adventuring within an imaginative high-magic, low-fantasy urban setting. No one is going to tell you that all their hopes rest with you, because they don’t know or care who you are. The city is bigger than you.

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