Cedega 7.1

March 4th, 2009 by Crusader

TransGaming sent in notice that they’ve released Cedega version 7.1, an implementation of the Windows OS API on Linux with an emphasis on game compatibility, for their subscribers:

With Cedega 7.1 Cedega Gaming Service Members can play more games on Linux than ever before

F.E.A.R. 2, Unreal Tournament 3 and the newly Cedega Certified Bioshock are playable in Linux with technical support available to Members. With great graphics, high performance and tons of play hours these games are sure to become new favourites.

Cedega 7.1 offers much more than new games. Improvements have been made across the board that will improve performance and stability for almost every game under Cedega with specific enhancements for:

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  1. Conzar Says:

    I was a cedega scriber for about 3 years. That was a complete waste of $5 a month. I thought I was supporting Linux + gaming love, but only found out that these guys don’t contribute back into Wine. Even more frustrating, they started selling products for Microsoft and Mac platforms. I never was satisfied with the performance of any game that I played on Cedega … I always thought it would get better but it never did.

    If you want to try and play “Windows” games in GNU/Linux, then I would suggest trying wine. Although, the usability of wine isn’t any better then Cedega but at least its free.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Cedega is a “Pay My Rent And I’ll Make My Skills” sort of development environment. Can’t blame anyone for being dissatisfied at 5 doi-llars per month. If Cedega had asked for US 1 per month then everyone would join, because 5 adds up too much. They should know better than to hit up the smallest of a small community for 60 per year on an unfinished work. Then again, that’s more than Microsoft Bimbows XP costs. Cedega is also reaping the benefits of beta testers, because having to use such a maligned interface would require someone with developer knowledge. When you’re in the republic mode of free market, don’t trust anyone to embrace tyrrany of another company (Microsoft) into their development model. Cedega will have an eventual polished product after all those years of “Pay My Rent…” and you’ll have to buy the finished product after it has that golden star on the box, but then it’ll be no different than before: got a problem and bust out your developer knowledge to send them a bugfix.

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