jClassicRPG Spring Release

March 1st, 2009 by timong

The jClassicRPG team has released a new snapshot (thanks timong!):


- New monsters and animals
- New area type Maze, maze generation
- Audio system enhanced, zone dependent music playback
- Main theme music added
- Battle and background music for climate zones
- Cave background music
- Storage unlocking/looting interface added, chests with traps and fix loot added to maze area
- Enhanced world map
- A heap of new portraits
- Voice profile selection for character creation with one new male sound-set
- Support for normal/spec mapping for static models
- Options menu with settings
- Optimized loading/rendering algorithm, moving to jME 2.0
- Texture atlas technique, shadow mapping, DDS textures added, memory optimizations
- Many bugfixes (e.g. game fixed for use on Intel gfx under Linux)
- Quicker loading of game, addition of ‘Please Wait’ panel
- Tested video drivers under Linux now include nVidia, AMD/ATi, intel

The project highly appreciates testers’ feedback and contributions!

Download: [ ]

4 Responses to “jClassicRPG Spring Release”

  1. vadi4 Says:

    Looking good. I hope they’re thinking scalability though :)

  2. timong Says:

    It’s minimum requirement is 1.6GHz processor, 500MB free RAM (1G System memory ideal), a video card something like an nVidia geForce 6200 or intel GM965 or AMD/ATi 3450. So it’s the low end hardware of today, not including all the “legacy” hardware. You can start the game on different detail levels. Highest settings run nice on a GF8800GTS.

  3. Conzar Says:

    I tried this out last year. I was completely lost because the game did not include a beginner tutorial. Have they added this yet?

  4. timong Says:

    No tutorial yet.

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