Tribal Trouble 2 Beta 0.7

March 2nd, 2009 by oddlabs

A new update for Tribal Trouble 2 has been released:

Oddlabs have released a bunch of updates requested by the users. Multiplayer games now start in the speed “Faster” to make the games a little quicker and less tedious in the beginning. The grouping system normally forces an entire group to be selected, but it is now possible to select only some of the units in a group by holding down the ALT key. A keyboard shortcut (U) for the aggressive units option has been added, and the Final part of Finders Keepers has been made easier.What’s new

  • Default multiplayer speed changed to “Faster”.
  • Bypass the grouping system by holding down the ALT key while selecting units.
  • Press the U key to toggle the aggressive units option.
  • The last part of the Finders Keepers quest has been made easier.
  • Bug fix: Peasants could get stuck waiting for other peasants gathering the same resource.

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