February 25th, 2009 by mrgibson

mrgibson sent in a release announcement for Crazynoid, an Arkanoid/Breakout clone written in Java:

The game graphics are enhanced by the use of 3D accelerated hardware. This game is mostly a tech demo of my 2D engine and don’t have the finishing touch required to be a commercial-grade game. It contains 10 levels but you can create your own with the level editor.

This package contains 3 executables, 2 for the game and one for the level editor. The custom executable allow you to run the game with different resolution and settings but bare in mind that support for widescreen ratio is not present a this time.

I am interested about hearing how the game perform on old hardware, right now the performances are good on modern computers, if you have the chance to test it, please email me at ybourbeau AT mrgtech DOT ca

Thank You!

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