Mad Skills Motocross Beta

February 18th, 2009 by trained circus idiot

The developers of Mad Skills Motocross let us know about their new promotion:

“We have decided to release a free beta version of Mad Skills Motocross. There is a catch though, we won’t release it until we have 1001 fans on our Facebook fan page.

So if you want to get the beta version of Mad Skills Motocross when we reach the magic number of fans, just go to the fan page and become a fan. It is very important that you actually become a fan, otherwise we cannot contact you to give you the secret download link. Hurry up, things can happen quickly on Facebook.

On that page we have also uploaded concept art, screenshots and videos. To check them out, just go there. You don’t even need a Facebook user to access the page.”

The game uses Java and OpenGL and is expected to retail for $20.

3 Responses to “Mad Skills Motocross Beta”

  1. vadi4 Says:

    Nyeh, not a Facebook user or even looking at registering after the stunts they’re pulling.

  2. Slacker Says:

    Stunts they pull? I’ve been on Facebook over a year… never had any issues.

  3. vadi4 Says:

    Not a fan of being the victim of their interface redesigns and alarming TOS changes.

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