The Adventures of Rick Rocket

February 18th, 2009 by mygamecompany

We received the following announcement this week:

Defend the Earth from alien invaders in this action-packed, story-driven space shooter!

As mankind is beginning to venture out into the galaxy, a mysterious alien armada appears and attacks the Earth. Space Command calls on its best pilot, Rick Rocket, to take the controls of the X-01 experimental rocket ship and repel the invaders. Join Rick Rocket on an epic adventure across the Milky Way as he first defends the planet and then pursues the alien fleet. Help Rick discover who the aliens are and why they attacked the Earth!

Unlike most shooters, every mission in this game is different, with its own unique objectives and challenges. The full version features 48 missions, epic space battles set in a wide variety of locations, over 30 ships that show damage as they are hit, 12 powerups, colorful cartoon graphics, a superb music soundtrack, and more!

A trial version containing 8 free missions can be downloaded from here:

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